Who Is Raffaella Rossellini? Half-Sister Of Isabella Rossellini

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Who Is Raffaella Rossellini? Half-Sister Of Isabella Rossellini

Raffaella Rossellini is an actress and model best known for being the half-sibling of Isabella Rossellini, an Italian actress.

Raffaella is the daughter of Roberto Rossellini and Sonali Dasgupta. 

Her father, Roberto, is a famous Italian filmmaker who made movies in a style called neorealism. 

Some of his well-known films are “Rome, Open City,” “Paisan,” and “Germany, Year Zero ''.

He also worked with the actress Ingrid Bergam who is his wife too. He was a significant director who told stories realistically and emotionally. 

Parents of Raffaella Rossellini.
Parents of Raffaella Rossellini. Source: Pinterest

Father Married Life

Roberto had a quite roller coaster ride in his married life. In 1934 he married Assia Noris, but they divorced after only two years of marriage in 1936. 

He then married Marcella De Marchis in 1936, and they had two sons. Sadly they divorced in 1950

During the filming of Stromboli, Roberto had a relationship with Ingrid Bergman, who was married to a dentist named Petter.

They had a daughter together. Ingrid had an extramarital affair with Roberto. She then separated from her then-husband and got married to Roberto.

They also had twin daughters. Later on, Roberto had an affair with Bengali screenwriter Sonali Dasgupta and eloped with her in 1957. 

They had a daughter together who is Raffaella Rossellini

In 1973, he left Sonali for another woman named Silvia D’Amico Bendico, a producer but remained married to Dasgupta until his death. 

He passed away from a heart attack at 71 in 1977.

 Raffaella Rossellini with her siblings.
Raffaella Rossellini with her siblings. Source: AmoMama

Age And Net Worth

Raffaella was born in 1958 in Rome, Lazio, Italy. Her net worth is unknown. However, her sister Isabella's net worth is about $50 Million.

Isabella Is A Hard-Working Women

Isabella is a busy woman with various activities, including modeling, acting, writing, farming, and animal behaviorism. 

She has created small films called Green Porno and Seduce Me, where she dresses up as different animals to discuss their mating behaviors. 

These films are funny, educational, and crazy, just like Isabella

During the pandemic, she used to live stream a show called Sex and Consequences from her farm in Long Island, New York.

She lives with sheep, goats, chickens, ducks, and dogs. The show combines circus elements, animal cognition lectures, and discussion about animal mating behaviors. 

Through her films and shows, Isabella explores not just the joy of sex in the animal kingdom but also its various complexities, such as the ways animals invent, exploit, control, and even harm each other during mating. 

She mentions how female praying mantises eat the head of their mates while mating, showing nature's fascinating and sometimes brutal aspects.

Isabella Failed Marriage

Isabella was married to a director named Martin Scorsese. Martin was married two times before Isabella. 

Isabella and Martin were married from 1979 to 1982. They met in 1979 during an interview for an Italian television show.

Isabella was supposed to watch Martin’s film before the interview, but there was a mix-up, so they watched it together later. 

They began dating, and eventually, they got married later. It was Isabella's first marriage and Martin’s third.  

Being married to Martin was quite an advantage for Isabella’s career as a model. 

She got higher profile modeling jobs like being a Vogue cover girl. 

However, in 1982 when Isabella’s mother was ill, it created tension between them, and they decided to get separated.

Isabella held no grudges against Martin and still thought they had a great marriage. And she felt she wasn't ready for it at that time.

Later she married Jonathan Wiedemann, but they were married only for three years.

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