Who Is Raiane Lima? Girlfriend Of Gabriel Jesus

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Who Is Raiane Lima? Girlfriend Of Gabriel Jesus

Raiane Lima is a popular influencer. 

She got into the limelight after dating a Manchester city striker footballer Gabriel Jesus.

Is Raiane Dating Football Star Gabriel?

Raiane is currently seeing a Brazilian footballer Gabriel.

They are living together as she moved in with her boyfriend. 

Raiane is very close to Gabriel's mother, Vera Lucia Diniz de Jesus. His mother's wanted them to tie the knot soon. 

However, the couple is expecting a baby. 

They also revealed the gender of the baby through their Instagram handle. It's going to be a baby girl. 

Raiane Lima with her boyfriend Gabriel Jesus
Raiane Lima with her boyfriend Gabriel Jesus Source: Instagram

Past Relationship

There was a rumor of her being in a relationship with a local tourism Minister Rodrigo Novaes

But later, the rumor turned out to be false as she confirmed it through her social media. 

This controversy caused a problem in her current dating life. 

But later, Raiane and Gabriel sorted out things are happily enjoying their love life.

Raiane Lima on her 21st birthday
Raiane Lima on her 21st birthday Source: Instagram


Raiane is 21 years old

Net Worth

Her boyfriend has an estimated net worth of 15 million Euros.

He managed to earn that sum of money all from his football career. 

He earns around 90000 pounds on a weekly basis.

Gabriel Has A Unique Way Of Celebrating His Goal

Whenever this Brazilian football scores a goal, he always celebrates the same way by pretending to call someone using his hands as a phone. 

There was a rumor that he pretended to call his girlfriend, who did not answer his call and text. 

But this rumor turned out to be fake the whole time. The real reason is his mother. 

His mother is addicted to Gabriel's call since she is very close to him. 

Even she keeps an eye on her son's match. 

When he does not perform well during the matches, his mom calls him immediately and criticizes him. 

She does not compliment him. She criticizes him more than she praises him. 

His mom is his biggest critic and support system. 

His style of celebrating victory started with a match between Venezuela and Brazil.

He was very much intimidated by Neymar Jr.'s presence. 

He was under pressure as he was playing against a very strong player. 

So he called his mom. His mom reassured him, and he got motivated as his mother is his biggest cheerleader. 

He made his willpower strong and was determined to win it even if the opponent was strong. 

In that match, he scored a goal within 8 minutes. 

His mother is very passionate about his son's game and career. 

Whenever he plays foul, he receives a call from his mother. 

His mother is the actual reason behind his celebration.

Raiane Lima's boyfriend Gabriel Jesus
Raiane Lima's boyfriend Gabriel Jesus Source: Instagram

Early Football Career Of Gabriel

He joined Balmarias in 2013 at the age of 15. At that time, he was the most prominent player on the whole U15 team

His skills amazed everyone. 

His coach predicted that he would go to the national team in the future, and after three years, he was selected for the national team.

When he joined the academy, he played under 20 even though he was just 17, as he had great speed and technique. 

Since then, he has never looked back. 

His football career is going great, and he has achieved huge success at a very young age.

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