Rande Gerber

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Rande Gerber

Rande Gerber is the husband of the American model, actress, and television personality Cindy Crawford

Randy himself is an entertainment industry businessman. He has three siblings two sisters and a brother. 

He has two children with Cindy. He is American by his nationality. 

Rande Gerber with his father and siblings
Rande Gerber with his father and siblings  Source: Instagram

Marriage And Children 

His wife, Cindy, was in a relationship with Bill Cordes back in 1982. They dated for six years and then called off their relationship. 

Cindy Crawford then was in a relationship with Richard Gere. They both got married back in 1991

Cindy and Richard both stayed as husband and wife for four years

In 1995 Cindy legally got separated from her husband and ended their married life. They had no kids together. 

She then dated Jon Bon Jovi in the same year when she got divorced. After that, she dated Robert De Niro for some time and broke up. 

As of 2021, Cindy is the wife of Rande Gerber. They have been married since the year 1998.  

They have already completed 23 years of their married life.

Rande Gerber with his wife, Cindy Crawford
Rande Gerber with his wife, Cindy Crawford  Source: Instagram 

They have been happily together till now. Cindy and Rande both have two children together a son and a daughter.

Children of Rande Gerber
Children of Rande Gerber  Source: Instagram

About His Wife Cindy Crawford

Cindy's full name is Cynthia Ann Crawford was born on 20 February 1966.  

She was born to Dan Crawford and Jennifer Sue Crawford. Her parents raised her in DeKalb, Illinois

She started her acting career when she was young. She is a well-known 1990s actress as she was very popular at that time.  

She has shown her appearance in many films and TV series. Some of the movies she plays are Awwal Number, Unzipped, Fair Game, and The Simian Line

Cindy has earned a lot of popularity and success with her acting career.

Family of Rande Gerber
Family of Rande Gerber  Source: Instagram

Rande Gerber Faced An Accident

Rande was driving his car with his wife Cindy in Malibu Sunday on Pacific Coast Highway

Suddenly horses appeared in front of them, running at a quick pace. 

Rande turned the vehicle to avoid horses. While doing so, his car was stuck in a cement mailbox as he lost control of the car. 

His passenger window broke into pieces. Although their car was damaged, Cindy and Rande were saved, and nothing serious happened to them. 

After that accident, they went for a checkup. When the doctor checked, they both were found without injury. 

Both of them got saved as those broken glasses of the window didn't hurt them.

Age, Height, And Weight

He was born on 27 April 1962, and his current age is 59

He has a height of six feet, and his weight is 80 kg.

Net Worth 

The net worth of Cindy is $225 Million

Her source of income is modeling, acting, and television. 

The yearly income of an American actress is $218,000 per year.

Cindy Crawford Is A Brilliant Student

Cindy is widely known for her modeling, acting, and her distinctive looks. 

She was one of the 90's divas, and everyone had a crush on her. 

Her fans don't know about her because she is a person with both beauty and brain. 

She was a bright student of her time and was always more than good at her studies. 

After completing high school in A grade, she got a scholarship and studied chemical engineering.

She was a great student, but she left her studies to pursue a career in modeling. 

It was a wise choice of her as she is shining at this age also.

Cindy Crawford Was A Crush Of Prince

Cindy is one of the top models of the 1990s, and her stunning beauty attracted everyone's attention at that time. 

She was the crush of many youngsters in her time in the '90s

Everybody liked her and her modeling. Forget about any other person; even prince William had a crush on her. 

Prince saw her in a club dancing, and he liked her and fell for her. 

Prince even wrote a song for her. Prince was only 13 years old at that time.

There was even a rumor that the Prince asked her to have a meal together, but she denied the proposal.

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