Randi Martin

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Randi Martin

Randi Martin is the mother of an American football player Patrick Mahomes

She was born in Texas to her father Randy Martin and mother Debbie Bates Martin as the couple's youngest child. Her father was a school principal.

She has three older siblings, older brother Joey and two older sisters Jill and Lori
Randi graduated high school with good grades.

Married to Pat Mahomes Sr.

Randi married Pat Mahomes Sr., an MLB player, and welcomed two beautiful son's Patrick Mahomes and Jackson Mahomes.

Randi Martin two sons Patrick and Jackson
Randi Martin two sons Patrick and Jackson  Source: Instagram

She separated from her then-husband after spending a long time as husband and wife.

At the time of their divorce, their oldest son, Patrick, was eleven years old.

Randi with her ex-husband and son Patrick
Randi with her ex-husband and son Patrick  Source: YouTube 

As she ended their marriage back in 2006 on July 12, 2011, she welcomed her first daughter Mia Randall Mahomes

Mia's father's identity has not been disclosed yet.

About Son Patrick Mahomes

In Tyler, Texas, Patrick was born on September 17, 1995, as the firstborn child of his parents. He attended a high school in Whitehouse, Texas

When Patrick was young, he tagged along with his dad in games, which developed a strong sense of love for sports.
He was emphasized by his mother to be a student before an athlete.

Patrick with his mother, Randi
Patrick with his mother, Randi   Source: Instagram 

Back in his high school days, he was interested in a baseball pitcher. He was also one of the possible candidates for the 2014 MLB Draft.

But he chose to go to college and decided to leave baseball for football.

Patrick went for the NFL, where his father Pat was worried and a little disappointed because football can be a rough sport in his father's mind and can harshly hurt one's physical health.

After being drafted in junior year in Kansas City, Chiefs Patrick showed his true worth by leading the Chiefs to their first-ever Super Bowl.

It was the Chief's first-ever Super Bowl in 50 years

He signed an extension contract for $503 million, which will last for ten years, making the biggest contract in North American sport's history. 

Patrick also became the first half-billion-dollar athlete in the history of sports. 

Patrick with his mother and two younger siblings
Patrick with his mother and two younger siblings   Source: Instagram 

TikToker Son

Her younger brother Jackson Mahomes is a rising Tiktok star. Jackson is a verified user on Tik Tok.

He has almost a million followers in his Tik Tok and has over 31.4 million likes on his videos, making him famous.

He has about 239 thousand followers on Instagram and over 26.7 thousand subscribers.

Son Patrick Love life

Patrick and Brittany Matthews are together since his high school days. 

He proposed to his high school sweetheart Brittany Matthews on September 1, 2020, and got engaged.

Brittany is a personal trainer and fitness entrepreneur.

The couple welcomed their first child on February 20, 2021. They haven't got married yet.

Net Worth 

Randi and her son Patrick Mahomes net worth and income sources are structured below: 

 Randi Martin Patrick Mahomes (Son)
Net worth $100thousands $40 million 
IncomePrivate events coordinator American football player 

Age, Height, and Weight 

  1. She is forty-five years old.
  2. She is 5 feet 8 inches tall and about 65kg in weight. 

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