Who Is Ray Burgess? Late Father Of Sharna Burgess

by Manisha Tue Sep 26 2023 Updated On Tue Oct 03 2023
Who Is Ray Burgess? Late Father Of Sharna Burgess

Ray Burgess is the late father of Australian ballroom dancer Sharna Burgess, who is mainly known for being the troupe member and professional partner on the Dancing with the Stars series. 

He was born in 1949, and he passed away in 2022. He was married to Lucy Burgess

Ray Burgess's wife and grandchild.
Ray Burgess's wife and grandchild. Source: Instagram


Is Sharna Married?

Sharna is not married yet. However, she is engaged to Brian Austin Green

They started dating back in 2020 when they were spotted in Hawaiian for vacation. 

They made their romance public in 2021 after Sharna posted a photo of them on her Instagram

They became parents in 2022 as they were blessed with a baby boy. 

Sharna Burgess with her partner.
Sharna Burgess with her partner. Source: Instagram


His daughter Sharna is 38 years old. She is 5 feet 4 inches tall. She weighs around 52 kg.

Net Worth

Sharna's net worth is estimated to be $3 million. She has managed to earn this fortune from her career as a professional dancer. 

Ray Burgess with his daughter.
Ray Burgess with his daughter. Source: Instagram

Sharna Is Engaged To Brian Austin Green

Sharna and Brian revealed about their engagement in a podcast. 

They shared that they have been hiding about their engagement since July 15. They got engaged at Brian's 50th birthday party

She shared that Brian proposed to her on behalf of their kids, too, and asked her to spend the rest of her life with him. 

Sharna said yes, and they got engaged. 

Why Did Sharna Text Megan Fox?

Sharna is in a relationship with Brian Austin, and Brian is Megan's ex-husband. 

Megan and Austin have three kids from their marriage. In an interview, Sharna opened up about her relationship with Megan.

Sharna said that she and Megan bumped in the same restaurant. 

She said they had eye contact briefly, and Sharna thought it was not the right situation for them to meet and talk, so she told her fiancée about that and asked for Megan's number. 

At that time, they had been seeing each other for over five months. 

She said she wanted to talk to her and tell her she loves her kids and if she wanted to meet or catch up for coffee someday. 

Megan responded to her text and thanked her for caring for her kids.

Sharna Talked About Co-Parenting With Megan Fox

Sharna said no matter how hard parents try, their kids will be affected by their parent's divorce. 

Sharna shares a son with Austin and co-parents Austin and Megan's three sons. 

In a podcast, she shared they have a great relationship and were all going to universal. 

She said their main focus is kids, and they wanted to create a healthy and happy environment for their kids. 

She added they wanted to set a good example for their four sons. 

She said she wanted the kids to know that if their parents are not together, they could still do things together as a family and have respect and communication. 

Sharna Talked About Being Mother

Sharna talked about having a difficult delivery. She spoke about recovering from postpartum. 

She said she was grateful for recovering fast, loving the new experience, and doing great after a challenging birth. 

Sharna said her partner Austin helped her to be calm. 

Sharna had to go through an emergency C-section, and at that time, she didn’t imagine that she was going to do a C-section, and she had no idea about it and its recovery process. 

She was in labor for more than 30 hours, and her baby's heart rate was dipping too much, so she had to do a C-section per the doctor's advice. 

She revealed that she could not get out of bed for a week after giving birth to her son. 

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