Who Is Rayford Young? Father Of Trae Young

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Who Is Rayford Young? Father Of Trae Young

Rayford Young is the father of professional basketball player Trae Young who plays for the Atlanta Hawks of the National Basketball Association

He is a former professional basketball player. He moved to Europe and played professionally in Portugal

After his retirement, he took a job as an assistant coach. He is married to Candice Young.

They are proud parents to their four kids, Timothy, Camryn, Caitlyn, and Trae. He is a very supportive dad who defends his son in the every criticism. 

Children of Rayford Young.
Children of Rayford Young. Source: Instagram

Is Trae Dating Anyone?

Trae is in a relationship with Shelby Miller. They have been together since 2017. They met each other at the University of Oklahoma.

She used to be a cheerleader while Tare was on the basketball team. He proposed to her in 2021. He kneeled down on his knee in front of a balloon arch and asked Shelby to marry him and she said YES.

They welcomed their son on 2 June 2022 and named him Tydus Reign Young. The two are getting married soon as they have already started the preparation. 

Trae Young with his partner.
Trae Young with his partner.


His son Trae is 25 years old

Net Worth

His son Trae's net worth is estimated to be $50 million

Family of Rayford Young.
Family of Rayford Young. Source: Instagram

Things Young Can’t Live Without

Young love playing cards. He plays cards with his teammates on the plane. He needs to have his speaker with him while traveling and working in the gym. 

He listens to Drake, Kanye, and Nazz's albums. He keeps his body hydrated with an armor drink. 

He wears a lot of hats. He loves his diamond chain, which he got as a welcome gift when he joined Atlanta

He takes basketball everywhere he goes. He has his shoes with his name written on them and his signature on the back. 

He always wears a watch on his hand, as he grew up seeing his idols wearing classic watches. So, as a result, he has his watch collection. 

When he is out in public, he puts his glasses on. He likes to wear different types of shades. 

He loves snacks. His favorite candy is M&M's. He uses candy as a source of energy. After having candy, he has to have his mints. 

Young Talked About Being Ignored By USA Team

In 2020 Young didn’t make it to the final list of USA basketball players

He said he was disappointed and hurt as he didn’t make it to the 44 players. However, he said that he deserved to be on that list. 

He added though he was hurt, he would continue to play and be the best version of himself as a basketball player. 

How Young Motivates Himself To Be Mentally Strong 

Young shared that he look up to his idols he grew up admiring. 

He looks at their process and struggle that helped them become the player they are today. 

He said he gets motivation from different players who started their careers and went through the same thing as he was going through. 

He looks at their history and takes the positive lesson to be a better player. 

Trae Talked About Kobe Bryant

Trae is Kobe's daughter Giana's favorite player. So Trae wanted to honor Kobe by playing as hard as possible for the rest of his career. 

He shared the last conversation he had with Kobe

He shared that Kobe was proud and happy of him and wanted to see him become a role model for the young kids as his daughter looked up to him. 

He said he wanted to be a good person off the court. 

He added he wanted to be a positive light, spread it on and off the court, and represent Kobe and his family.

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