Who Is Rebecca McNamee-Croft? Mother Of Teagan Croft

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Who Is Rebecca McNamee-Croft? Mother Of Teagan Croft

Rebecca McNamee-Croft is the mother of Australian-American actress Teagan Croft.

She is married to Tim Croft. They share three kids, including Teagan.

Rebecca McNamee-Croft with her husband Tim Croft.
Rebecca McNamee-Croft with her husband, Tim Croft. Source: Pinterest

Is Teagan Dating Anyone?

Teagan is not seeing anyone, and she doesn’t have a boyfriend.


Her daughter Teagan is 18 years old

Net Worth

Her daughter Teagan's net worth is estimated to be $200 thousand.

Family of Rebecca McNamee-Croft.
Family of Rebecca McNamee-Croft. Source: Pinterest

Teagan Talked About Growing Up In The Show Titans

Teagan was in the superhero television series Titans. She was thirteen when she joined the first season in 2018, and now she turned 18 when the show ended in 2023

She has become much taller and mature while playing her character over the time. 

She said that she loved growing up with her character. She said it was one of the best parts of her life. 

She admitted that she is growing and many changes have happened. 

She shared one incident when everyone was shocked to see her as grown up, as there was a massive gap between seasons two and three. 

She went for her shoot a bit later, and everyone was surprised to see her getting taller so quickly. 

She added it was enjoyable as she could have regular conversations with her cast as a grown-up kid. 

Teagan Shared How She Booked Her Role In The Titans

Teagan was 12 years old when she was approached for the role of Racheal Roth in the superhero series Titans.

She said that she was in Chicago then, and her mom helped her film the tape, and they sent it to them. 

Since the series was based on the comic book Teen Titans, she researched that book. 

She added she was interested more in Marvel characters, so she didn’t read comics that much. 

But for the show, she read all the comics and watched Teen Titans cartoons to understand her character. 

After getting into an audition, she realized she got a chance to play a superhero and always dreamt of playing a superhero character. She fell in love with comics after that.

Teagan Shared Her Favorite Moment From The Titans Show

Teagan said she bonded well with her cast, especially with Breton Thwaites, Anna Diop, and Ryan Potter.

Her favorite moment from the show was season one, episode four when they came together for a scene and shot the episode together. 

Since she had already read the comics and knew that scene would come, she was super excited that day when she shot with them. 

She had done some scenes with her cast individually but was happiest when they all got together  set. She said that was the highlight moment for her.

Teagan Leant Sailing For The Movie True Spirit

Teagan has a sailing coach and her sailing double in the film. 

She had a couple of weeks to prepare before they began shooting. 

She was in Gold Coast at the time. She said she had zero idea about sailing. 

On her first day of practice, she learned how to raise a sail and a general idea about the sail. 

She shared that it could come naturally when one understands sailing in detail, and her coach also told her that she was a natural sailor. 

She said she had fun time sailing and learning. 

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