Rebecca Mongeau- Unfit Mother Of Tana Mongeau

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Rebecca Mongeau- Unfit Mother Of Tana Mongeau

Rebecca Mongeau is the proud mother of famous American YouTuber and internet personality Tana Mongeau.

Her daughter is famous for her content and storytime videos on her YouTube channel. 

Rebecca was born to her late parents, Carolyn Weir and Richard Wayne

Her mother, Carolyn, married a man named Jim after her father Richard's death. She grew up in Texas. She holds an American nationality. 

About the Daughter Tana Mongeau

The daughter of Rebecca is a famous YouTuber, singer, and social media personality, Tana Mongeau, who is renowned for her failed video in #TanaCon and her storytime videos on social media. 

#TanaCon event is a competition which is an anti-Vidcon Event, and it was held on the same day VidCon was held and canceled on the same day due to which many of the people were not happy. 

She also hosts her reality show "MTV NO Filter: Tana Turns 21," MTV reality TV show. 

She is also a singer as she uploads her many singles and is released to her social media. She currently has 5.47 million subscribers on her YouTube Channel

Daughter's Early Life

On the 24th of June, 1998, she was born in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States. She was born to her father, Rick or Richard, and mother, Rebecca Mongeau

Her father had a business cleaning the swimming pool, and she also mentioned that he used to be a Vietnam War Veteran. 

Her mother, Rebecca, rarely leaves home as she had social anxiety when she was a kid. 

She is the family's only child, and the family moved from Vegas when she was still a kid. 

Life wasn't easy for them initially, as her family once lived in critical areas, and her father needed to search the garbage for things to bring to the house.  

As growing up, she was a dysfunctional child as her parent was bad at parenting skills.  She graduated her high school from Green Valley High School in 2015.

Rebecca Mongeau  with her daughter and husband
Rebecca Mongeau  with her daughter and husband  Source: YouTube

Tana Wants Nothing To Do With Her Unfit Parents

Once, she told her parents were unfit to be parents with whom she had nothing to do. 

When one of her friends said she was going home to see her family on holiday, she answered saying, home? What's that like? 

She said that if she went home, she would be the one to do all the Christmas work alone, including decorating, buying presents, cooking, and putting on the Christmas tree. Her home is not like home.

She has no good terms with her parents, and she said she didn't think of her parents as her family.

Her parents didn't even attend her wedding with Jake Paul.  

Obsession With YouTube 

Tana gave an interview with the Billion dollar Barbie where she talked about her YouTube Journey, fans, and many more. 

Tana shared that she started her YouTube journey many years ago. By the time she reached 17, she had already become famous. 

She grew up in Las Vegas, and since a very young age, she had an obsession with YouTube

She looked up to YouTubers Shane Dawson, Jenna Marble and enjoyed everything about YouTube

She started her YouTube channel to share her story, and luckily people showed their interest in listening to her. 

The more she used YouTube, the more she enjoyed it, and she felt really happy to do what she was doing now. 

She had a hard childhood, and for her, YouTube became her escape zone. 

She enjoyed being socially active for 5 minutes from her crappy personal life. 

When she first started her channel, she never thought of getting so famous, and because of that, she feels fame and success are something that happened to her accidentally. 

However, she personally finds the concept of fame very strange. Despite having so many followers and being famous, she never lets her think that she is famous because she doesn’t want to affect her mindset with the same thing. 

She has encountered some TikTokers who think that they are famous just because they have some followers, and because of that thinking, they kind of show different personalities, which Tana doesn’t like. 

She has male as well as female followers, and Tana admires having the majority of female followers. 

She feels grateful and happy knowing that she is being able to inspire through her YouTube.

She enjoys being herself and wants people to see her real version. 

She even told that she could do brand videos like other YouTubers and make tons of money, but she simply chose to be herself. 

Net Worth 

As of 2021, her daughter's net worth is estimated to be around $4 million, and her source of earnings is her social media, mainly YouTube

Age, Height, and Weight

Rebecca's current age is unknown. Her only daughter is currently 23 years old, born on the 24th of July, 1998, in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

Tana Relationship Status

She is currently in a relationship with Chris Miles, a 22-year-old rapper and the former AGT (American's Got Talent) star from New York

Their relationship has been confirmed over Twitter as she tweeted saying that she has a boyfriend with a date of 7th of July, 2021, and confessed she loves her for eternity and tagged him. 

He tweeted back that he doesn't want anybody as he loves her more than anything. 

Prior, she announced that she married famous Youtuber Jake Paul in 2019 at Las Vegas's Graffiti Mansion, but she denied her marriage later and said that it was not legal.

They weren't married legally, and after sometimes they separated.

Chris Miles and Mongeau
Chris Miles and Mongeau   Source: Instagram

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