Who Is Regan Fraser? Brother Of Brendan Fraser

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Who Is Regan Fraser? Brother Of Brendan Fraser

Regan Fraser is known for his famous brother, Brendan Fraser, a Canadian American actor. 

He gained popularity from Encino Man. Regan was born to Carol Mary and Peter Fraser. 

Regan's father was a former journalist who worked for a Canadian foreign service. His mother was a sales counselor. 

Regan's uncle was the only Canadian to win a Medal in the Summer Olympics in 952

He is of Scottish, Irish, German, Czech and French-Canadian ancestry. He has both Canadian and American citizenship.

Growing up, the Regan family moved a lot. He had lived in California, Seattle, Washington, Ottawa, Ontario, Netherlands and Switzerland.

Regan Was Homeless Once

He has three brothers: Kevin Fraser, Sean Fraser, and Brendan. Brendan is the youngest brother of the family. 

Except for Brendan, all of the brothers have private lives. Brendan is an Oscar-winning actor.

He won an Oscar for best actor for his performance in “The Whale.” He has done several blockbuster movies. 

In an interview, Regan revealed that he was homeless once while Brendan was making Millions from his movie The Whale

He said he was struggling to buy food and sleeping on park benches, but Brendan, who lived in a Mansion, turned his back and didn't help him. 

Regan was disappointed and said he never thought his blood would turn his back on him.

Regan Fraser's brother, Brendan Fraser.
Regan Fraser's brother, Brendan Fraser. Source: Instagram

Regan Disheartened With Brendan 

Regan is older than Brendan. Regan and Brendan have been close since they grew up together. 

Regan said he had always been supportive of Brendan. He was the one who believed in him when no one did. 

He was so supportive when Brendan did his first work. But the more successful he got, the more his family looked down on Regan. 

Regan graduated from Washington University with a degree in Psychology.  

But his father always compared him with Brenden and asked why he couldn't be like Brendan.

Regan doesn't have a good relationship with his father. His father always looked down on him. 

Once, when his father and he got into a fight then, his parents brought a restraining order against him, and he wasn't able to see his family. 

He once got into jail for the same restraining issue. When Brendan's popularity grew, Regan was more distant from him. 

He cut ties with Regan. The most disappointing and heartbreaking thing for Regan was when Brendan didn't invite Regan to his Wedding. 

Regan said he thought Brendan was ashamed and embarrassed by him. 

He said that whenever he sees Limbo, he thinks it might be Brendan inside the black glass and that Brendan might be laughing at him. 

Regan sleeps wherever he can because he is homeless and doesn't have anybody to rely on.


Regan is older than his brother Brendan and younger than his two brothers. Brendan was born on December 3, 1968.

He is 55 years old as of 2024, so Regan might be in his mid-50s too. 

Net Worth

Regan's net worth is unknown as an average person, but his brother Brendan's net worth is about $20 Million. 

Regan Still Supports His Brother, Brendan 

Although his brother disheartens him, Regan still supports him. In his Twitter, he often shares about his brother Brendan

While Brendan was nominated for an Oscar, he tweeted, “Best of luck at Oscar! Win or don’t Win. 

Still a Win!!!” by sharing Brendan's pictures. Also, he posted a picture of him in front of Brendan's Poster.

Whatever his family treated him, he still supported his family and still wanted them to win their life. 

Regan seems to be a very kind-hearted and good person when it comes to his family. 

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