Who Is Reja Spaeny? Mother Of Cailee Spaeny

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Who Is Reja Spaeny? Mother Of Cailee Spaeny

Reja Spaeny is the mother of American actress Cailee Spaeny. She is married to her husband, Mark Spaeny

She is an American citizen of her nationality.

Reja Spaeny's husband and daughter.
Reja Spaeny's husband and daughter. Source: Instagram

About Reja’s Daughter Cailee

Cailee is a professional actress. She came to prominence after he role play in the 2018 movie Pacific Rim: Uprising

She played the role of Amara Namani. In 2022, she played a role as Anna Roosevelt in the TV show The First Lady

She was born to her parents in the year 1997. She has her birthday on June 24

Who Is Cailee Dating? 

Cailee is dating her boyfriend, Raymond Alexander Cham Jr. They have been dating since 2018

Cailee Steals Her boyfriend’s Clothes

Cailee and her boyfriend Raymond were interviewed in The Bare Magazine, discussing their fashion styles. 

In the same interview, Cailee said that she steals most of her boyfriend’s vintage-style t-shirts from his wardrobe because he has the best collection of Vintage t-shirts, so she takes anyone she likes. 

She also said that her boyfriend enjoys doing nails his nails with her, and it was Cailee who got him in touch with his hidden feminine side. 

Raymond agreed with Cailee and told them that he tries to be the soft guy because Cailee likes and tries his best to look good-looking. 

Reja Spaeny's daughter, Cailee Spaeny.
Reja Spaeny's daughter, Cailee Spaeny. Source: Instagram

Age And Net Worth

Cailee is 26 years old. She has a net worth of $2 Million. Her source of income is acting

Movie Made Her Interested In Politics

Cailee's role played Jane Ginsberg's movie based on Sex. The film was about an American legal drama based on Ruth Ginsburg

It was her third biggest movie in 2018, and the two films before she did were utterly different than based on Sex. 

She was thrilled when she saw the movie herself and wanted to tell everyone to go and watch the film. 

She felt the movie profoundly, and even when she was shooting, she was so touched by Ruth's story that she got into political stuff and did her research. 

Most people know Ruth as a lawyer and Jurist, but through that movie, people will get to know her as a mom, how her family pushed her, and the hidden stories of her life. 

Cailee’s Relationship With Dakota 

Cailee and Dakota Johnson did a movie, Bad Times, at El Royale

The movie was great, and everyone had a great bond with each other. 

During the filming process, Cailee and Dakota got very close to each other. 

They played sisters on screen and off camera and bonded well. 

In one of the interviews, Dakota even said she would love to take Cailee home with her. 

She also jokes and asks Cailee to marry her. Cailee also said they are more than sisters off camera and always look out for each other. 

They have each other's back no matter what. 

Priscilla As Cailee

Cailee’s new movie, Priscilla, will be released this year in November. She is playing the lead role of Priscilla in the film Priscilla

The movie is based on Priscilla Presley's memoir. Cailee has always been a fan of Sofia Coppola, a well-known director, and wanted to work with her. 

She had seen the movie directed by Sofia, The Virgin Suicides, which made her obsessed with Sofia

After so many years, she got to work with her, and Sofia was the one who approached her for the movie. 

One of Sofia’s friends suggested Cailee’s name for that role. So Sofia thought of giving it a go. 

They were having breakfast when Sofia showed her pictures of Priscilla and told Cailee that she would be a perfect fit for the character. 

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