Renee Chahoy- Truth About Erika Jayne Mother

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Renee Chahoy- Truth About Erika Jayne Mother

Renee Chahoy is an actress, model, and musician. She is known as being the mother of famous singer, actress, and television personality Erika Jayne.

She was born on 24 August 1952 in America. She is an American citizen. 

She is single since her husband left her. 

Daughter Erika Jayne Saw her Dad after 25 years

Erika was raised by her single mother since she was nine months old. 

Renee was just 18 years old when she gave birth to her only daughter Erika

When Erika turned nine months, his father left her and her mother. She hence had never seen her father until she turned 25

She met her father when she was 25 years in Los Angles. She never felt that she needed a dad or that she was missing something in her life. 

So she didn’t get emotional or any close after meeting her dad. They were just casual and had a short talk after shaking hands. 

She felt like he was meeting a stranger. She wanted a dad when she was a kid as her friends talked about their dad, and she used to feel left out. 

But growing up, she had a great family and never felt like needing a father. 


Renee Chahoy with her daughter Erika Jayne
Renee Chahoy with her daughter Erika Jayne  Source: Facebook

Erika Jayne’s Husband Cheated her with Many Women

Erika and his ex-husband had been in marriage for over 21 years

During all these years, Erika said that her husband, Thomas Zizzo had cheated her with many women. 

She was always suspicious of her husband’s behavior but was confirmed after seeing the text messages and photos on Thomas’s phone. 

Thomas had a major accident in 2017. Erika said that Thomas was with a woman before the accident as well. She hence got divorced from Thomas in 2020

People then accused the ex-couple of a “sham” divorce and accused them of doing this to hide the money set for widows and orphans of plane crash victims. 

Erika then was also cased for not paying money to her ex-husband’s clients and had some loan issues.

Erika Jayne Injured in a Show

In 2017, Erika was doing a show named “Dancing with the Stars.” It was a dancing reality show. 

She was a participant and had reached the final of that show. She and her dance partner were performing too well, but during the show, she got injured. 

She didn’t say it to anyone about her injury. Nobody knew about the injury until the picture of her being hospitalized went out. 

She didn’t reveal her injury to anyone, so that she didn’t want to get sympathy for the show. 

Due to her injury, she couldn’t join the final and had to withdraw from that show.

Relationship Status

Erika was first married to Thomas Zizzo in New York.

They then liked each other and started dating. They later got married in December of 1991

They have a child together named Thomas Zizzo Jr, who was born in 1994

After two years of birth of their child, they officially got divorced because things were not working out between them.

Erika then got married to a man named Thomas Vincent Girardi, who was 33 years older than her. 

They first met at a restaurant. After being a friend they fell in love and got married in January of 2000

They lived together for 21 years and got divorced on 3 November 2020. Currently, Erika is not dating anyone and is single. 

Erika Jayne Does Not Want To Talk About Lisa Vanderpump

Erika gave an interview to the The Ellen Show hosted by guest host Mila Kunis where she talked about her costar Lisa Vanderpump

The guest host started the interview recalling the memory when she first met Erika. Mila met her in a party and when Mila noticed Erika she just got really amazed and she just came and talked to Erika

As Mila is a fan of her she was unable to stop herself from saying Hello to Erika. Erika was also happy to talk to Mila

Erika is a mom to a son but she doesn’t like talking about her son so the interviewer asked her about the Puppy Gate thing that caught attention of everyone in the show Real House Wives of Beverly Hills

She said that the puppy gate thing was all true and they adopted a dog from Lisa Vanderpump but later that dog was taken to the another center. 

The whole story line was all genuine and Erika thinks that Lisa has made someone to produce that whole drama. 

Mila wanted to know about Erika’s relationship with Lisa. Erika said that she doesn’t talk with Lisa and she has no idea if Lisa will show up on the RHOBH reunion or not. 

She also added that she is on the side of Teddi and has no idea about Lisa

She also talked about how she became Erika Jayne

When she was 35 years old she stayed with her husband and she felt that she was living her husband’s life rather than her so she felt that she is losing herself so she decided to do for herself. 

She is now in her 40s but looks much younger than she was before in her 30s

Net Worth

As of today, the net worth of Erika Jayne is about $ 5 Million. Her source of income is professional actress, singer, and television personality. 

Age, Height, and Weight

Her current age is sixty- nine years old. She has average height and weight.

About Erika Jayne

Erika was born on 10 July 1971 in Atlanta, Georgia, the U.S., to Renee. Her father left family when Erika was just nine months old. 

She migrated to New York after graduation. She started her career by acting in some episodes of series.

She got her individual role in the movie “Roller Coaster.” She came to prominence when she got the role in the series “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.” 

She was married to Thomas Zizzo in 1991 and had a son together. 

They got separated later. She then got married to Thomas Girardi, and after 21 years of marriage, they got divorced.

Renee Chahoy daughter Erika Jayne
Renee Chahoy daughter Erika Jayne   Source: Instagram

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