Who Is Rhashan Stone? Husband Of Olivia Williams

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Who Is Rhashan Stone? Husband Of Olivia Williams

Rhashan Stone is the husband of Olivia Williams, a British actress. Rhashan is an American-British actor and comedian. Rhashan and Olivia got married in 2003

They have two children together named Esme Ruby Stone and Roxana May Stone.

Rhashan Stone and his wife, Olivia Williams.
Rhashan Stone and his wife, Olivia Williams. Source: Pinterest

Olivia Playing Camilla In The Crown

His spouse, Olivia, plays the character of Camila in The Crown in its final two seasons. 

The show is known for changing actors as it progresses through time. 

Olivia finds the role fascinating but prefers to stay away from celebrity status. 

Olivia has a prosperous career in films and TV. She doesn’t aspire to be a celebrity, having seen its downsides. 

She is well-established in British theatre and has previously worked with Olivia Colman. Still, they won’t be together in The Crown since Imelda Staunton replaced Olivia Colman. 

In the new seasons, Olivia as Camilla is seen wearing outfits similar to what Camilla wore in 1995

Their storyline covers events like Camila’s divorce announcement 1995 and Princess Diana’s revealing interview. 

The final seasons of The Crown feature new actors taking on the roles, including Imelda Staunton as Queen Elizabeth and Elizabeth Debicki as Princess Diana

The series explores Prince Charles’ efforts to get Camilla accepted by the British public and Queen Elizabeth, ending with Charles and Camilla’s wedding in 2005.


Rhashan was born on November 3, 1969. He is 54 years old as of 2023.

Net Worth

As a British actress, Rhashan's wife Olivia's net worth is about $5 million

 Family of Rhashan Stone.
Family of Rhashan Stone. Source: Pinterest

Olivia Talks About Music And Motherhood

Olivia shared her stories about her childhood love for ABBA and meeting Steve Jones from the Sex Pistols during a music documentary. 

She mentioned a rivalry with a colleague and her experience working with Joss Whedon on the show. 

Olivia also reveals having two children. 

In Dollhouse, Olivia talked about a dating service she created that programs desire into a computer for a perfect date. 

She discusses working with Eliza Dushku in a film series where she wipes the brains of young people. 

She mentioned her next project, Hyde Park on the Hudson. 

Olivia also shared experiences like mud wrestling with Arnold Schwarzenegger and trying to recreate an astronaut look. 

She talked about recent travels to Atlanta, Nashville, and North Carolina in Hyde Park on Hudson and discussed her character during the royal family’s visit to the Roosevelt family.

Olivia expressed her love for Christmas plays and thanked the host, Craig, for answering her questions. 

Olivia's Journey Through TV Shows, Secrecy, And Personal Reflections. 

Olivia discusses her experience on the TV show The LukeWarm Demise and shares some behind-the-scenes moments. 

She revealed her unique dieting secret, valuing that rating doesn't matter, and reflects on the importance of living in the present. 

There is a quiet making-up moment on set with Craig Ferguson, and she mentions packing wetsuits for a project in England

In another show set in Los Alamos, New Mexico, Olivia talked about the secrecy surrounding the city and its residents’ birth in post office boxes. 

She discusses the show’s focus on secrecy, mentioning her American husband and their life in London

Olivia is heading to Santa Fe for the show’s production, highlighting the young cast’s activity on social media. 

There’s a segment titled Olivia Williams- Craig Broke Her Heart For Real, where she talked about dentists and political beliefs. 

She shared a story from her dentist about a client not needing pain relief and expressed concerns about the power dentists may have. 

Olivia briefly touches on flowers, her gardening interest, and her husband’s work in physics. 

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