Who Is Rhonda Combs ? Mother Of Luke Combs

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Who Is Rhonda Combs ? Mother Of Luke Combs

Rhonda Combs is the mother of American country music singer and songwriter Luke Combs. 

She's married to her husband, Chester Combs. She has only one son with her husband, Chester. 

She is currently living in Asheville, North Carolina. She is an American citizen.  

Rhonda Combs's husband Chester Combs.
Rhonda Combs's husband Chester Combs. Source: Instagram

Married Life Of Luke

Luke is currently married to Nicole Hocking. Luke started dating the love of his life in 2016. 

After dating each other for two years, they got engaged, and in 2020 they happily tied the knot. 

As of now, the couple is the parents of one child. Their first child, Tex Lawrence Combs, was born in June 2022.

Luke Combs with his wife, Nicole Hocking and their son.
Luke Combs with his wife, Nicole Hocking, and their son. Source: Instagram


Luke is 32 years old. His height is 1.77 m. 

Net Worth 

The net worth of Luke is $5 Million. His source of income is singing and songwriting.

Rhonda Combs with her son Luke Combs.
Rhonda Combs with her son Luke Combs. Source: Instagram

Luke Became Vegan 

In the interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Luke opened up about one strange bet he made with his band member. 

They had bet in the falcons game. 

According to the bet, if Luke loses, he has to go vegan for three months; if his friends lose, he has to grow hair for three months. 

Sadly, Luke lost the betting game and had to go vegan.

He became vegan but could not continue it for three months. He only became vegan for 45 days. 

He went fishing, and there he had mangrove snapper fish and could not resist, so he ate it. 

That's how he became vegan for 45 days.

Cutting Off Guests In Marriage 

Luke happily married his love of life in 2020.

Due to covid, it affected the marriage function of Luke

He was all set for marriage, but suddenly, a week before his wedding, he had to change the venue. 

The other venue he got to had some rules implemented due to pandemics. 

According to their rules, only 50 people were allowed. 

Luke invited 175 guests to his function but had to cut off 125 guests because of the rules. 

But he was happy that his guests understood the situation and his wedding was held in the presence of his closed ones. 

The people whom they wanted to be at their wedding were there.

Luke Wanted To Be A Detective

Luke is now a successful singer. It is amazing to hear that it took much less time for Luke to become a famous and successful singer. 

But singing was not what he always thought to do. 

He loved singing since his early days, but while he was in his school days, he was studying criminal justice.

He wanted to be a homicide detective as he loved solving puzzles. 

Luke was overweight and looking at his physical appearance, he thought he could never be a police officer and was also bad at studies, so he dropped out of college. 

He realized that singing was what he could do and what he wanted, so he pursued singing. 

Mental Health Struggles 

Mental health has always been an issue of concern. 

The famous country singer Luke has also struggled with mental health issues. 

He has Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and because of that disorder, he lived most of his life moments with stress and anxiety

He had difficulty dealing with that disorder in his past days, but slowly, he got stronger and knew to control it. 

He said that the first anxiety attack that he had was during his college days. 

He opened up and shared about his disorder so that he could share his experience with other people, and they could know that they were not alone.

Rhonda Combs's son Luke Combs.
Rhonda Combs's son Luke Combs. Source: Instagram

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