Who Is Rhonda Randall? Ex-Partner Of Busta Rhymes

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Rhonda Randall is the ex-girlfriend of Busta Rhymes, an American rapper. They have a daughter, Cacie Smith.

 Rhonda Randall's ex-partner, Busta Rhymes.
Rhonda Randall's ex-partner, Busta Rhymes. Source: Instagram

Busta Rhymes Failed Relationships

Busta has six children, three boys and three girls. He had these children between 1993 and 2006

He has them with three different women. One of them is his former partners Joanne Wood, Rhonda Randall, and Jill Miskelly

He is very private about his relationship. He doesn’t want the media to focus on his relationships. 

Busta is not married right now and does not seem to be in a relationship. 

But he has been in relationships before with some lovely ladies. 

He was with Jill Miskely, and they had a daughter named Mariah Elizabeth Miskelly

There was a time when Jill wanted to make sure Busta was the father, so they did a particular test to confirm that he was. 

Their daughter was born in 1998. After that, they broke up. Busta also dated Joanne Wood

They had three children named T’Ziah Wood-Smith, T’Khi Wood- Smith and Trillian Wood-Smith

Their relationship didn’t last because Joanne realized she was a lesbian.  

They had a big argument about who should have custody of their kids. 

In 2006 Joanne said their fight happened because she loves women, and Busta didn’t like that. 

They went to court to decide who should take care of the children. 

The court decided that Busta was a better parent and should have custody of the kids.

Some might think that Rhonda is Busta’s ex-wife, but that is untrue. 

They were never married. They have a daughter named Cacie Smith, who was born in 1998.

Rhonda Randall's ex-partner and their daughter.
Rhonda Randall's ex-partner and their daughter. Source: Instagram


Rhonda's age is not public yet. 

Net Worth

Busta's net worth is about $20 Million.

Busta Talks About His Successful Journey 

Busta looks back on his time with the group leaders of the New School

They were competitive but also had arguments before performances. 

Busta and Charlie Brown clashed the most because Charlie thought he was the group’s leader and wanted to stand out.  

Busta says he has always been competitive but has changed over time. 

He talks about working with other artists, especially when he has had issues with his group. He even joined A Tribe Called Quest’s recording sessions. 

These collaborations made him more famous and helped him earn money for his family.

Busta also jokes about admiring Martha Stewart and shares funny memories from his performance. 

Busta looks back at his career and shares some stories that have not been told. He explains what helped him become successful. 

He talks about how his unique styles, including his hair and fashion choices, added to his exciting performances. 

He says giving back and showing love to those who inspired him is essential. 

Busta remembers his friendships with Tupac and Treach, sharing moments when they were loyal and supportive to each other. 

He also talks about his journey to get healthier and keep a steady weight. 

Even though he has achieved a lot in his career, Busta says he is enjoying how his life is changing, including new collaborations and upcoming tours.

Busta Is Happy With His Career

Busta says that he is pleased with his career. He says it has been full of excitement, and he has been laughing all the way to the bank. 

He feels the happiest he has felt in a while, and nothing else could make him feel this good. 

He discusses how being happy, healthy, fit, and well is essential. He thanks his fans for supporting him. 

With humor, he jokes about wanting a six-pack, so Martha and others can admire it.

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