What Is Ricarda Kilian? Stunning Wife Of Marten de Roon

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What Is Ricarda Kilian? Stunning Wife Of Marten de Roon

Ricarda Kilian is the wife of Dutch professional football player Marten de Roon. She was born in the year 1991 in the Netherlands. 

She follows Christianity. She is a Dutch citizen.

Ricarda Kilian and Marten de Roon.
Ricarda Kilian and Marten de Roon. Source: Instagram

Marriage And Children

Ricarda is married to her husband, Marten de Roon. They have been married to each other since 2019

Before that, they dated for a very long time before getting married.

In 2018, Ricarda's partner Marten shared of photo of them together, and in that picture, Marten was holding a ring box.

That picture cleared that her partner proposed on that day.

Ricarda Kilian with her husband, Marten de Roon.
Ricarda Kilian with her husband, Marten de Roon. Source: Instagram

As of now, they have three children together, and all of them are daughters. 

Their eldest daughter's name is Linn-Sophie, their second daughter's name is Evie, and their youngest daughter's name is Boo

Ricarda Kilian's husband and their three daughters.
Ricarda Kilian's husband and their three daughters. Source: Instagram

Age And Net Worth 

Ricarda is 31 years old. Her net worth is under review. Richard's husband, Marten, is 31 years old. 

Her husband has a net worth of $3 Million

Ricarda Pushed Marten To Move To Italy

Marten moved to the Premier League club Middlesbrough FC in 2016 from Atlanta, and after a year of playing there, the player moved to Atlanta FC again. 

He revealed that he missed his old club, the place, the food, and the people. 

He expressed that Italy was somewhere he wanted to be playing. Ricarda, his wife, also insisted on moving to Italy

Hence they moved to their old club. 

Marten revealed that he had constantly been in touch with the club and staff and was sure to return to the club. 

But his statements were overturned by the media and media revealed that he underperformed in Middlesbrough.

But he admitted that he had always given his best in the Premier League club and never underperformed. 

He even told people to analyze his matches and judge for themselves. 

Ricarda’s Marriage Was Cancelled

Ricarda and Marten had been lovers and wanted to marry greatly, surrounded by their close ones. 

Everything was fixed and planned, but at the final moment, the ceremony got canceled because of Marten. 

Marten played for Atlanta, and his club was selected for the Champions League. 

As it is the tournament to decide the best in the World, Marten couldn’t miss it. 

Also, Marten was one of the mains in the club, so he was expected to be there for the club. He hence apologized to Ricarda. 

They ended up postponing their marriage. Marten showed how dedicated he was to his career and his club. 

Ricarda Surprised Marten

Richard and Marten are the perfect love bird who loves each other very much, as seen by Marten’s post. 

They love each other so much that distance can never stop them. Marten was in Germany for his match, and Ricarda was back in Italy. 

But they missed each other very much. So, both of them decided to meet each other. 

Out of nowhere, the plan popped up, and they were together for a perfect dinner date. 

Both of them had something planned for each other. Ricarda and Marten both surprised each other and were happy to be together.

Marten Laughed At His Performance

Marten and his team Atlanta went against Rappresentativa Valli Bergamaschi on 13 July 2022. 

In their previous match with the same club, Atlanta scored 15 goals. 

So the players and Marten were pretty confident about their win. But the only result to wait for was the number of goals. 

Everyone was eager to score against the weak opponent. The game was obviously on the side of Atlanta, and they won the match by a 10-0 lead. 

The team scored a massive number of goals, but Marten couldn’t score any of them. 

He seemed disappointed about him not scoring. But as always, he made fun of his performance. 

He tweeted how he would tell his children that his team won by 10-0, and he scored none.

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