Who Is Ricardo Joel Gomez? Father Of Selena Gomez

by Manisha Tue Jun 07 2022 Updated On Sat Jun 11 2022
Who Is Ricardo Joel Gomez? Father Of Selena Gomez

Ricardo Joel Gomez is a celebrity father popularly known by his daughter, Selena Gomez. His daughter is a renowned singer and actress

He was married to Amanda Cornett, but they divorced after being married for five years.

Ricardo Joel Gomez's ex-wife Amanda Cornett and daughter Selena Gomez.
Ricardo Joel Gomez's ex-wife Amanda Cornett and daughter Selena Gomez. Source: Instagram

Daughter's Relationship Status

Selena is not married yet. Selena is a beautiful woman and loved by millions of fans. 

She had been rumored to have been dating Chris Evan and Zen Matoshi.

Selena is a private person when it comes to her personal life. 

She has kept pretty quiet regarding all the internet buzz regarding her alleged love life.

Recently she let everyone know her exact relationship status through her Tiktok

She recorded a Tiktok of herself lip-syncing to King Nas's audio. 

The audio featured a guy rattling off compliments to someone to try and convince that person to date him. 

She captioned the Tiktok saying maybe this is why she was single. 

Selena is single and is in no rush to settle down and instead focuses on her career and mental health.

Is Selena's Past Relationship Cursed?

In an interview, Selena talked about her past relationship and said she feels like her dating experience has been cursed. 

Selena has been in the spotlight since she was a kid on the Disney channel

Throughout her life, fans have seen Selena with Justin Bieber, The Weekend, Nick Jonas and Zedd. 

She was spotted with other stars like Niall Horan as they were seen having dinner with some of her friends. 

Selena has been open about being single.

She said she loves going to her room and being with her dog all day. She is okay with being single. 

But in an interview, Selena opened up about how she had reflected on her past relationships. 

She quoted that her most experiences in relationships have been cursed. 

She added she had been way too young to be exposed to certain things when she was in relationships. 

Ricardo Joel Gomez's daughter Selena Gomez.
Ricardo Joel Gomez's daughter Selena Gomez. Source: Instagram


His daughter Selena is 29 years old.

Net worth

His daughter's net worth is estimated at a whopping $85 million.

Acting and singing are her primary sources of income.

Ricardo Joel Gomez with daughter Selena Gomez.
Ricardo Joel Gomez with daughter Selena Gomez. Source: Instagram

Lesser Known Facts About Selena

Selena was born in Texas in 1992. Her birthday falls on 22nd July

She started acting as a young child with roles in Barney and Friend. 

Disney discovered her. 

She acted in the Disney show Wizard of Waverly Place, since she was 14 until she was 19.

She was chosen as the youngest UNICEF ambassador in the organization's history at the age of 17. 

She has more Instagram followers than the population of Italy

She has 325 million followers on her Instagram as of now. Her fan-inspired her favorite tattoo. 

An Arabic inscription below her right shoulder translates to love yourself first. 

A perfume company sued her she was supposed to endorse. 

She bought a $2.5 million worth home in LA in 2017. She launched her own production company in 2008

She used Equine therapy with horses to help improve her mental health. 

The stock price of Coach, a luxury brand, went up 2% the day after Selena self-designed the bag. 

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