Who Is Ricardo Rodriguez's Wife? How Much Is His Net Worth?

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Who Is Ricardo Rodriguez's Wife? How Much Is His Net Worth?

Ricardo Rodriguez is a Swiss professional football player. He currently plays for the team Serie A Club, Torino

He was born to his parents, Marcela Rodriguez and Francisco Rodriguez. 

His parents raised him with his two siblings. He is a Swiss citizen by his nationality.

Ricardo Rodriguez with his mother.
Ricardo Rodriguez with his mother. Source: Instagram

Married Life Of Ricardo 

Ricardo's relationship status is quite confusing. 

The young player is very private about his personal life, so it is unknown if he is married or not. 

But looking at his social media, it is clear he has a partner, but it is unknown if she is his wife or girlfriend. 

He hasn't disclosed his partner's name. The couple has a child and a daughter together.

Ricardo Rodriguez with his partner.
Ricardo Rodriguez with his partner. Source: Instagram


Ricordo is 30 years old. His height is 1.82 m.

Net Worth 

The net worth of Ricardo is $10 Million

Ricardo Rodriguez during the match.
Ricardo Rodriguez during the match. Source: Instagram

Ricardo Thinks Differently

Ricardo has been one of the top defenders in Bundesliga and is pretty good at attacking. 

He and his team Wolfsburg had made quite an impression in the league. 

Ricardo being a left-back, even scored six goals in a season which is not a normal thing to do by a defender. 

Family of Ricardo Rodriguez. Source: Instagram

His coach revealed that he was a particular player when asked about his ability and talent. 

The coach said that the left-back plays both mentally and physically. 

He is a well-present guy having the capability to think in any situation.

The coach expressed that Ricardo is some of the few players who can still think and run their minds in a situation where most players give up. 

It was a great compliment to the player.

Ricardo Had No Money

Ricardo had maintained a level of success in his life now. 

He is one of the best players in the world, and his talent has provided him with what he needs. 

But it was not the same for him while growing up. His father was a football player like him but was not on a higher level. 

They had fewer earning sources and no money to waste on anything. 

According to Ricardo, he had to give up all his desire because his parents could not afford to buy anything based on desire or interest. 

Still, Ricardo was okay with his life as he had food to eat and a place to call home.

Ricardo Was Raised To Be A Football Player 

Ricardo’s father was a professional football player like Ricardo and his brothers. 

Being born to a football family, he was always into football and had a different kind of life to it. 

He was taught to play by his father and playing with his brothers in the neighbourhood. 

According to Ricardo, he was born and raised on the streets, and the roads were all about football. 

He and his friends always thought about football all the time. He woke up and played football all day. 

He didn’t have to go anywhere to get professional training or guidance. He had his father and the street. 

Talent Is Necessary

Ricardo revealed in an interview that talent is necessary to do anything in life, at least for the long run. 

He expressed that he was not a bright kid while studying in school. He got low grades and was not an exemplary student. 

But saying that, he had a natural football talent and was passionate about it. So he chose it professionally. 

In addition, he said that he also had luck in becoming a successful player. He always had only one passion, and that was football. 

So from what he has said, it is necessary to follow your talent and desire and work hard for it.

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