Who Is Richard Caplan? Father Of Lizzy Caplan

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Richard Caplan is the dad of actress Lizzy Caplan. He is a lawyer by profession. He was married to Barbara Bragman

His wife died when Lizzy was just 13 years old. They share three kids altogether.

Richard Caplan's daughter Lizzy Caplan. 
Richard Caplan's daughter Lizzy Caplan. Source: Instagram

Married Life Of Lizzy

Lizzy is married to Tom Riley who is also an actor. Her husband is British. Lizzy is very private when it comes to her personal life. 

There are no exact details on when they started seeing each other. However, as per the sources, they met each other in 2015 in London

Tom proposed to her in 2016, and they tied the knot in 2017 in Italy. They are the parents of their beautiful son.

Lizzy Caplan with her husband, Tom Riley.
Lizzy Caplan with her husband, Tom Riley. Source: Pinterest


His daughter Lizzy is 40 years old

Net worth

His daughter Lizzy's net worth is estimated to be $5 million

Lizzy Shared About Having Difficulty In Breastfeeding Her Baby

Lizzy welcomed her first baby in 2021. In an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, she shared her parenting journey. 

She said that she had become an expert in everything except breastfeeding. 

She admitted that it was tough for her to breastfeed. However, she shared that it made her go crazy and be horrible. 

She said she forced herself to do that no matter what, but she failed all the time, which made her feel that she died as a mother. 

She joked that she tried to blame her child. At last, she hired a lactation consultant. 

She consulted with four of them out of which three were crazy, and one was kind and patient. 

She shared that the crazy consultant brought dirty baby dolls and detachable balls and smashed those balls into those dirty dolls just to show how easy it was to breastfeed a baby. 

She was there sitting, weeping and disheartened. Then, finally, she said that it was a horror show. 

Lizzy Shared Her First Job

Lizzy was on the cast of the 1999 American comedy-drama series Freaks and Geeks. It was her first job ever as an artist. 

In an interview, she revealed that it was cool for her to be on the show. 

She admitted that she had zero fun while shooting for Freaks and Geeks. 

She shared that she had never been on the set before, so she didn’t understand what was happening. 

She shared that on her first day, she called her father and said that it was a bizarre experience as she was eating a banana and doing multiple takes, and someone came in between and held a banana for her as if it was someone's job to have a banana for her.  

She said she used to sit on a chair and do the same line again and again. She shared she didn’t talk to anyone and that all her cast members were intimidating.

Lizzy Talked About Not Getting Straight Into Lead Roles

Lizzy said she always thought she should be playing the show's main lead. 

She shared that she was romantic about her acting career as she imagined herself being the show's star on her first attempt. 

She realized she was not the show's straw when she showed up to work and was playing the side roles. 

Later she learned to be grateful for what she had achieved. She said she was happy to go through that struggle as it taught her to work hard. 

She said that it helped her to be in the place where she is today.

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