Who Is Richard Edelman? Ex-Husband Of Debbie Rowe

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Richard Edelman is the first husband of American dermatology assistant Debbie Rowe

He married Debbie in 1982. They have no children together. He was a teacher by his profession. 

He is an American citizen. 

Richard's ex-wife  Debbie Rowe in her young days
Richard's ex-wife  Debbie Rowe in her young days' Source: Instagram 

Married Life Of Richard's Ex-Wife, Debbie 

Richard was married to Debbie, a dermatology assistant previously. 

They met for the first time at school where Richard was a teacher and she was a student.

Debbie had a crush on him. They tied a knot in 1982. They stayed as a husband and a wife till the year 1988.

As a married couple, they spent six years together, but they ended their relationship due to the issues between them.

Richard and Debbie were married for six years, but their marriage was never happy. 

They bonded with each other because of some financial issues. 

The couple reported bankruptcy, which became the reason behind their divorce.

About Richard's Ex-Wife, Debbie 

Debbie is an American dermatology assistant born on December 6, 1958

Her full name is Deborah Jeanne Rowe

Debbie was born to Barbara Chilcutt and Gordon Rowe, in the United States

She studied at Hollywood High School and later pursued a Dermatology career. 

She is well known as the ex-wife of late pop musician Michael Jackson

She has been married two times but has no children of herself. 

She has two sons from her ex-husband's side.

 Debbie Rowe posing with a horse
 Debbie Rowe posing with a horse Source: Instagram 


She is 63 years old

Net Worth 

The net worth of Debbie is $8 Million. She earns as being a dermatology assistant. 

The average income of a dermatology assistant is $80,000 per year.

Debbie Revealed About Michael Jackson's Skin

Richard's ex-wife Debbie revealed about Michael Jackson's skin treatment. 

She told that Jackson was having problems with his skin, and he was initially managing by his make-ups. 

But as his skin tone was not matching, he went to the doctor. 

He had to go through a lot of treatment. He needed a natural solution. 

Hence the doctor decided to treat him with skin tissue extension. 

It was a horribly painful treatment, and he had to perform the process frequently. 

Debbie said that she was with the singer every time, holding his hand.

Debbie's Mistakenly Burnt Her Friend's Home

Debbie was having her breast cancer treatment back in days. 

She was living in her friend's cottage with her daughter Paris Jackson

They stayed there for some time. Debbie and her friend were working on the modulation of their cottage and were on finishing part of the house. 

Hence they were touching up crown modeling of the cottage with the help of linseed oil. 

Rag was also being used to clean stuff out. 

Debbie left the rag in the cottage and went to the main house area. 

Little did they know, dried oil was flammable in contact with Rag

The whole cottage was burnt by the fire. Fortunately, everyone came out of the cottage. 

The house was covered under insurance.

Debbie's Daughter Attempted Suicide

Debbie's ex-husband, Michael Jackson's death, was sad and devastating news for everyone. 

The singer's death affected everyone. But it deeply affected her daughter Paris Jackson

Paris was too close to her father, and she considered him her life. 

After his death, Paris thought her life had no meaning of living, and she was broken. 

She was not only sad but depressed. She tried to kill herself in her room and was found with many drugs. 

After a drug overdose, she was taken to hospital and everything went well. 

She needed to stay away from any type of drugs. Hence she went through a series of treatments.

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