Who Is Richard Taubman? Ex-Husband Of Christie Brinkley

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Who Is Richard Taubman? Ex-Husband Of Christie Brinkley

Richard Taubman is the ex-husband of the American model, actress, and entrepreneur Christie Brinkley.

He is a real estate developer, singer, and photographer by profession.

He has a child with Christie named Jack Paris Brinkley

He is an American citizen by nationality. 

Richard Taubman's ex-wife Christie Brinkley
Richard Taubman's ex-wife Christie Brinkley Source: Instagram

Married Life Of Christie 

Christie was married to Jean-Francois Allaux previously. 

The couple married each other in 1973. They have no children together. 

They ended their marriage in 1981. After that, she was married to Billy Joel in 1983

They were together for two years, and later they divorced. 

Her third marriage was with Richard, only for a year. They have a son together. 

After that, she tied the knot with Peter Halsey Cook in 1979

They were together for almost 12 years and had a daughter together.

How Did She Meet Richard Taubman?

Christie met her third husband, Richard, for the first time back in 1994

The couple met through their mutual friend. They started dating in 1994 after getting proposed by Richard

They dated each other for a short time and got married. 

Christie Brinkley with her children
Christie Brinkley with her children Source: Instagram

About Ex-Wife Christie 

Christie is an American model, actress, and entrepreneur born on February 2, 1954.

Her full name is Christie Lee Hudson, and she was born in Monroe, Michigan.

Her modeling career started after she was introduced by a photographer named Errol Sawyer

She has worked as a model for many non-fashion and fashion brands. 

Besides her modeling career, she is also an actress who has shown her appearance in many TV shows. 

She played her first-ever role in 1983 in the movie National Lampoon's Vacation.

Did Christie Harass Her Ex-Husband Publically? 

Christie and her ex-husband Peter Cook were married for more than a decade. They had a great married life and were happy together until Peter decided to cheat on Christie

Peter, who worked as an architect, agreed that he was having an affair with his 18-year-old teenage employee and also agreed to watch online porn. 

After knowing her husband’s infidelity, Christie decided to leave her husband and filed for divorce. 

Four years after their divorce, Christie again dragged Peter into legal issues claiming that he violated their divorce court order. She said that she got aggressive messages from Peter in her mail. 

For that, she asked for $140,000 compensation or would send Peter to jail. 

Peter and Christie could have kept their divorce and issues within themselves, but Christie dragged her personal feud with Peter into public. 

On the other hand, Christie’s ex-husband said that Christie was doing everything to get public attention. Their divorce got really nasty after they both started throwing dirt on each other’s names. 

Peter admitted that he had made a mistake during his marriage and has remorse for it, but he doesn’t have to be harassed by his past mistakes every year. 

Christie called Peter a deadbeat dad and said that he failed to pay child support which made Peter devastated. 

He defended himself, saying that he had paid child support to Christie and she shouldn’t have said such a thing to him in a newspaper blog. 

Peter opened up in the interview that the entire feud with Christie had affected him financially too. 

Christie is a TV star, and for her, spending thousands of money on lawyers is not a big deal, but for him, it's way too hard. 

According to him, Christie bringing up every detail about their personal life was her tactic to keep herself occupied with the media’s attention.

Christie’s Love For Christmas 

Christie Brinkley gave an interview to TODAY with Huda and Jenna talk show. 

There she talked about her family, love for Christmas, and loving herself. 

She started the interview by sharing her love for Christmas. She enjoys decorating trees and houses during Christmas. 

She always decorates in old fashion way, making train tracks around the trees and many more things. 

She also carols the book to this day by printing it and then tying it with ribbons around the gift. 

Not only is Christie, but her mother is also a Christmas lover like her. 

They are alike and do everything same during the Christmas. They both enjoy creating a magical environment during that time. 

Christie then revealed that she keeps the Christmas tree in her kitchen. 

Everyone in her home hangs most of the time in the kitchen, so she doesn’t see the point of keeping the tree downstairs or in another room. 

The interviewer then mentioned Christie saying that she is the love of her life in an interview, and those words from her really touched the interviewer so much. 

She opened up that she is living the best life at the moment and is happy. 

She personally feels that if one can’t appreciate herself, then no one can. She appreciates where she is now, and if anyone comes and fits into her life, then is happily welcomes them. 

She is also teaching the same thing to her daughters. She also talked about her parenting style. 

As a parent, she feels that time and love is the most important thing that she could give to her daughters. They go on vacation and are very comfortable together. 


Christie is 67 years old. 

Net Worth 

The net worth of Christie is $80 Million. She earns as an actress, model, and entrepreneur. 

Richard's Ex-Wife Did A Hip Replacement

Richard's ex-wife Christie is a brilliant actress and model. 

But as time passes, she is getting older. She is still beautiful, but her physical status is not the same. 

After several injuries and problems, she couldn't have normal physical workouts. 

She was struggling with her body and thought she was old. 

But during the pandemic, she researched a lot about hip replacement and cleared her doubts about it. 

She decided to do it, and finally, she went through a total hip replacement

After that, she felt like a new person. She was able to do all her physical workouts and other stuff. 

She was not struggling anymore, and she got to use her body to its maximum state.

Christie Broke Her Arms

Christie was one of the top competitors of the Dance with the Star show

People had high hopes for her. But while dancing, she fell onto the floor after she slipped from her partner's foot, breaking her right arm

She felt a tremendous amount of pain, and she was immediately taken to the hospital. 

Her daughter in the show replaced her, but the actress had to undergo surgery. 

She had emergency treatment and was hospitalized. 

She broke her arm and froze her shoulder. This caused pain in all of her body. 

She was not healing quickly, and she again had to go through some procedures. 

Christie Almost Lost Her Vision

Christie is dedicated to leading a healthier life. So, she does her body check-up regularly. 

Once, she was on her regular check-up, which also included her eye check-up. 

Everything was all right until her ophthalmologist found out some problems in her eyes. 

When checked nicely, the doctor found that she had some sort of glaucoma. 

It could turn her blind for the rest of their life. It was a serious thing, and quick surgery was necessary. 

She was fortunate enough to find it at the right time and get it treated.

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