Who Is Rick Dufay? Father Of Minka Kelly

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Who Is Rick Dufay? Father Of Minka Kelly

Rick Dufay is the father of actress and model Minka Kelly. He was a guitarist by profession and performed with Aerosmith in the early 1980s

Minka's parents Rick and Maureen, met each other in 1979 at a recording studio in Los Angeles

Maureen got pregnant with his baby, but Dufay was not ready to be a father as he was performing with Aerosmith at that time. 

So they decided to part ways. Minka was raised by her mother single-handedly and didn’t know anything about her father. 

She reconnected with her dad after graduating. Minka is very happy to have a father, which she used to miss during her childhood. 

Rick Dufay's ex-partner and their daughter.
Rick Dufay's ex-partner and their daughter. Source: Instagram

Is Minka Dating Anyone?

Minka is not dating anyone. However, there is a rumor that the actress has been seeing Imagine Dragon lead singer Dan Reynolds

The two were spotted on recent outings and dinners. But she has not made any public statement about her relationship yet.

Rick Dufay's daughter Minka Kelly.
Rick Dufay's daughter Minka Kelly. Source: Facebook


Rick was born on 2 February 1952, and his current age is 71.

Net Worth

His daughter's net worth is estimated to be $5 million

Rick Dufay with his daughter Minka Kelly.
Rick Dufay with his daughter Minka Kelly. Source: Pinterest

Kelly Had A Complicated Relationship With Her Mom

Kelly saw her mother struggle with drug addiction when she was young. Unfortunately, her mother passed away due to cancer in 2008

Kelly and her mother had a complex relationship. In an interview, Kelly said her mother didn't choose drugs over her. 

Her mother worked as an exotic dancer in a stripper club to raise her. 

She added when she was young; she was mad at her for taking drugs and not being the normal mothers other kids have. 

She wished her mother was something else and was like other kids' moms. 

She shared that as time passed and as she got older, she realized things and had nothing but grace and forgiveness for her mother. 

She learned to appreciate her mother a bit late. 

She said there are people with mothers who struggled with addiction, and she was not the only one who has been through her journey.

Minka Faced The Same Thing Her Mother Had To Go Through

Minka shared that when people grow up seeing and experiencing things around them, they learn and recreate that same environment as familiar to them. 

She said she knew her mother didn’t choose the right guy in her life, but she did the same things that hurt her mother. 

She revealed that she kept repeating things that her mother went through until she became aware of it.

Minka got pregnant when she was 17, and she didn't have enough money to support herself then, so she had to abort the child. 

She also had an emotionally abusive relationship when she was in her teenage. 

Minka Didn't Want To Live With Her Mother 

Minka revealed that they were not on good terms when her mother was diagnosed with cancer. 

They even didn’t use to speak to each other. She said that at that time, she didn’t want to be burdened with and wanted to live her life. 

Minka was mad at her mother for being irresponsible and not caring for her health. 

She said it was hard for her to accept that her mother would die. She said she was in denial. 

She shared she took her mother to beautiful places and was just happy that she had done that much for her mom in her life. 

She got into therapy when her mother got sick. 

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