Rick Patrick- Tragedy Of Jesse Jane Ex-Husband

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Rick Patrick- Tragedy Of Jesse Jane Ex-Husband

Rick Patrick is the ex-husband of the late American pornographic film actress Jesse Jane

Rick himself is an adult film actor and production manager

He was born in 1976 and had his birthday on August 10. He is currently 47 years old. He is an American citizen by his nationality.

Marriage And Children

Rick was married to his ex-wife, Jesse. The couple tied the knot in 2005. They were married for seven years until their divorce in 2012

Jesse also had a child from her previous relationship. Her child was born in the year 2000

Rick Patrick and his late ex-wife, Jesse Jane.
Rick Patrick and his late ex-wife, Jesse Jane. Source: Pinterest

Who Was Jesse Dating? 

Jesse was dating her boyfriend, Brett Hasenmueller, at the time of her death.

About Rick’s Ex-Wife Jesse

Jesse was a Pornographic film actress. She was known for her role-play in adult movies like Pirates

She was born in 1980 and had her birthday on July 16. Her real name is Cindy Howell

She was from Texas but later settled in Ohio. She retired from the porn industry in 2017

Rick Patrick's late ex-wife, Jesse Jane.
Rick Patrick's late ex-wife, Jesse Jane. Source: Instagram

Age And Net Worth 

Jesse was 43 years old. She had a net worth of $6 Million. Her source of the movie was acting

Jesse Enjoyed Spotlight

Most people knew Jesse as an adult movie star. 

She was in the porn business for a long time, and as a porn star, she felt that she was very interactive with people, which made her different from other porn stars. 

She loved being noticed by the people and felt that she became who she was because of her fans. 

So she never denied it whenever her fans asked her for photos and autographs. 

She only said no to her fans if she was caught with her work. 

Also, she was very much involved in working off-camera. 

She made money doing porn films, but her primary income was off-camera. 

She danced-sang in the clubs, making,sang her earn thousands of money easily Peed On Herself.

A few years ago, Jesse was found lying around the sidewalk by the cops. 

The incident took place on the night of a football game, which Jesse went to watch and support her favorite team. She went there with her friends because it was a big game between Oklahoma and Oklahoma State

But after the game ended, she was found lying alone on the sidewalk. She drank too much and was hammered. 

The cops found her soaked in her pee, and when they tried to help her, she couldn’t answer correctly. 

The police asked her if she could call anyone to pick her up, but she was told she didn’t do anything and did not remember anyone she could call. 

She was arrested on the grounds of public intoxication.

Jesse Had A Great Comeback

Jesse got linked with the porn industry in 2002.

Throughout the year, she shot numerous movies; however, she did her first an*l scene after 13 years of being involved in porn. 

Before her comeback with the anal scene, she took a break from the industry because the company she used to work with was sold to another person, and she didn’t work with them. 

After her break, she shot for the new movie Face of an Angle Mind of Devil, where she did her first-time a*al scene. 

She was pretty nervous doing that, and because of that, she even had tequila shots to calm her down. 

She said she waited a long time doing that because she wanted to make her fans wait and know how to be in business. 

Despite nervousness, she did it and claimed she did a great job.

Jesse Was Found Dead

Jesse spent a long time in adult movies and had a great career. 

Sadly, the actress is no more, as she was found dead on January 24, 2024.

Her dead body was found in her house during the welfare check by the police

It was known that she and her boyfriend had been unreachable, leading police to check on their house. 

Jesse lived with her boyfriend, Brett Hasenmueller, in her house in Moore, Oklahoma. 

Her boyfriend has also been found dead along with her in their house. 

There has been an investigation going around to find the exact reason behind their death, although many sources claimed that they died because of an overdose of drugs.

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