Riley Burruss

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Riley Burruss

Riley Burruss is the daughter of an American actress, singer, and TV presenter, Kandi Burruss

She was born on August 22, 2002. She was born in Georgia.

More About Riley 

Riley finished high school last year in 2020. She has joined her dream college New York University.

Riley Burruss with her family
Riley Burruss with her family  Source: Instagram

In one of her interviews, she has mentioned that she misses her home more than anything. 

She lived in her dorm during her first semester, but she shifted to her apartment during the second semester. 

Her plan for her future is to be a lawyer as she loves to argue and view her point. 

Right now, she is doing a major in nutrition and will be shifting from it. She has a tough time managing all of those things.

At the age of 15, Riley lost around 52 pounds from her actual weight. Her mother revealed this information via Instagram.

Riley Loves for her Food

Riley has her food page on Instagram with 6 k followers, where she posts about her foods and a few videos.

Till today, her post contains 12 pictures with different varieties of food. This shows that she loves tasting different food items.

Riley has her social media accounts like Instagram with 804k followers, YouTube having 54.3k subscribers, and Twitter.

Family and Siblings

Riley's parents are Kandi Buruss and Russell Spencer. Russel spencer is a businessman. 

She is the only child of her parents, but she has half-siblings. Her parents were never married.

Kandi won child custody after their separation. Russell has never done anything for his daughter. 

He has never seen her on his daughter's big day. In an interview, Riley said that she hadn't spoken to him for a long time. 

Riley Burruss Parents
Riley Burruss Parents  Source: Instagram

Her mother got married to Todd Tucker. Todd Tucker works as a liner producer. 

She has a half-brother named Ace Wells (born in 2016) and a half-sister named Blaze Tucker (born in 2019) from mother's side. 

Riley's mother met Todd on one of her series called 'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' and started going out and later married in 2014

They have been married for seven years as of 2021.

Riley Burruss with mother Kandi Burruss, stepdad and half-siblings
Riley Burruss with mother Kandi Burruss, stepdad and half-siblings  Source: Instagram

About her Mother

Kandi Lenice Burruss Tucker is her mother's full name. She was born on May 17, 1976, at East Place Point which is in Georgia

Her parents were Joyce Jones and Reverend Titus Burruss Jr.

In 1994, she graduated from Tri-Cities High School. Her older brother, Patrick Riley, died at the age of 22 in a car accident. 

She is a member of group 'Xspace,' which was formed in 1992 and three other members. 

She started to gain fame through this group. Later on, she got an opportunity to play on different movies and television series like 'The Masked Singer,' 'The Chi.'

Riley Burruss mother Kandi Burruss
Riley Burruss mother Kandi Burruss   Source: Instagram

Riley Mom her one and only' Inspiration

Riley's Instagram is full of her mother's posts like wishing her on mother's day, on her birthdays, going out and all, and having TikTok videos. 

In every post, she thanks her mother for being such a great mother and always being there for her. 

It surely shows the love that she has for her mother. Riley and her mother have such a nice bonding they always appreciate each other. 

Her mother is her inspiration and the one who motivates her to be a better person.

Got a car on her 16th Birthday from her Mother

Kandi surprised her daughter Riley with a brand new car on her 16th birthday

Kandi gifted her daughter just before the day of her birthday. This was such a sweet gesture by her mother.

Kandi posted the pictures on her Instagram. She had kept Riley's nickname 'Rilez' given by nickiminaj on the car's floor when you open it.

Here is the picture of that car.

Riley Burruss family
Riley Burruss family  Source: Instagram

Kandi Burruss had pregnancy complications

Kandi gave an interview to "The Kelly Clarkson Show interview. " 

In that interview, she talked about her pregnancy and children. At the beginning of the interviewer, Kelly congratulated Kandi for being a mom to her second child. 

Kandi was really happy that she welcomed her second child with the help of surrogacy. 

Kandi then opened up about her having pregnancy complications.

She said that after her marriage with her husband, they wanted to be parents, but sadly, she could not give birth, so she and her husband did IVF, and their first son Ace was born through it. 

Her son was three years old when she was giving this interview, and she said that after their first son, they wanted another child in their life. 

As they had two more embryos after their son's birth, they thought about what they could do to have a second baby. 

Kandi had lots of risks on pregnancy, but she wanted another baby, so both husband and wife thought of surrogacy, and the surrogate mom also agreed to help them. 

She happily had her second child from surrogacy.

On the other hand, Kelly also revealed that she also has a pregnancy issue, and she thinks that surrogate mothers are helping those women to have their children. 

Kandi said that she was there during her delivery of the child. 

At first, she kept the news of them having a second baby private because she didn't want to hear anyone's opinion.

She didn't even share that news with her friends and different audiences as she didn't want to hear any bad feedback. 

Kelly opened that many women in the society think of themselves as defeated women when they cannot get pregnant. 

In the case of Kandi, she didn't take her high-risk pregnancy as a failure. 

Net worth and Earnings

She has earned a good amount as a reality star, and her net worth is $1 million to $2 million

Her mother's net worth and income sources are shown below:

Net Worth$30 million
Income SourcesSinger, Actor, Businesswoman

Age, Height, and Weight

  1. Her age is 18 years.
  2. She has a height of 5 feet and 4 inches.
  3. Her birth sign is Leo.

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