Riley Christian

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Riley Christian

Riley Christian is an American Television personality who appeared in the reality TV show Bachelors in Paradise

He is the son of Dwayne Henderson. He was born in New York, US. He is an American by nationality. 

His Love Life

Riley was the winner of the reality TV show Bachelor in Paradise.

His journey in that show made him the winner, but he also found the love of his life in that show. 

Currently, Riley is in a relationship with Maurissa Gunn. He met his now-fiancé in that show.

At the season's finale, 7 of Bachelors in Paradise, Riley opened his heart out to Maurissa

He kneeled to his love of life and proposed to her in front of everyone with a ring to marry him

Maurissa was so happy that she immediately accepted the proposal of Riley

As of now, Riley and Maurissa are both happily engaged with each other. They are enjoying their moments together.

Riley with his fiancé Maurissa Gunn
Riley with his fiancé Maurissa Gunn  Source: Instagram 

About Riley Christian 

Riley's full name is Devon Riley Christian was born on 22 September 1989

Riley's birth name is Dwayne Henderson which was named after his father, but he changed it. 

His parents raised Riley in New York, US. He was a student who graduated from Law college. 

As a TV personality, Riley showed his presence in a reality TV show, The Bachelorette.

But unfortunately, he was in that show for only nine weeks. After that, he showed he came back in another show, Bachelor in Paradise, in the 7th season, and that time he won that show.

As he won the show, he got noticed by the audience. His fame is rising day by day. 

Riley Christian with his mother
Riley Christian with his mother  Source: Instagram 

Age, Height, And Weight

His current age is 32. He has a height of six feet, and his weight is 82 kg.

Net Worth 

The net worth of Riley is $200,000. His source of income is a television personality. 

The average income of a TV personality is $44,683 per year. 

Riley Wants Too Many Children

Riley is engaged to Maurissa, whom he had met in a reality TV show. 

They are enjoying every moment with each other. In an interview, Riley and his girlfriend talked about their future plans.

They talked about planning to meet each other's family and how and when they will start their family. 

They also said that they wanted to start a family soon, but they both want to settle and succeed first. 

Riley's partner said that she wanted to have 5-6 children. Riley loves children and is ready to have children whenever his partner is ready. 

They enjoyed the interview and also talked about their moments in that show.

Was An Athlete

Riley may be popular as a winner of Bachelor in Paradise, but people don't know that he was also good at sports in his high school days. 

He was one of the best baseball players of his college and had played baseball in junior college levels, division II and division I in his high school. 

He was so good at it that Philadelphia Phillies immediately took him in after completing high school. 

He still has a love for sports, and he will play it whenever he gets the chance. 

Why He Changed His Real Name?

Riley may appear as a happy man among his fans, but his one of the confessions on the platform. 

The show Bachelor In Paradise had a lie detector test game in the show. 

Riley revealed that his real name was Dwayne Henderson Jr which was kept from his dad's name. 

But he didn't like his dad. His dad was given the responsibility for Riley

He didn't like his father as his father and mother were not together, and his father hurt his mother. 

Hence he changed his name from Dwayne Henderson Jr to Riley Christian officially.

Riley Christian with his father
Riley Christian with his father  Source: Instagram

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