Who Is Ripley Parker? Daughter Of Ol Parker

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Who Is Ripley Parker? Daughter Of Ol Parker

Ripley Parker is the daughter of English director, producer, and screenwriter Ol Parker. Her mother's name is Thandiwe Newton

Her mom and dad raised her with her two siblings in London, UK. Ripley is currently working on a TV series, "THE FUCK IT BUCKET." 

She is an English citizen of her nationality. 

Married Life Of Ripley

Ripley is not married yet. She is too young and is extremely private about her love life. However, it is known that she is single. 

She is on Instagram by username @ripley.parker, but it's private. 

About Ripley's Parent's Marriage 

Ripley is known for being a celebrity kid. 

Her dad Ol Parker is a director and screenwriter, and her mom Thandiwe Newton is a well-known actress.

Ol and Thandiwe married in 1998 and share three children two daughters, Nico and Ripley, and a son named Booker Jombe

As of 2023, the couple is no longer together. They got separated in 2022. 

Parents of Ripley Parker.
Parents of Ripley Parker. Source: People

Age And Net Worth 

Ripley is 22 years old. Her net worth is under review. 

Her father, Ol, has a net worth of $17.5 Million

Family of Ripley Parker.
Family of Ripley Parker. Source: People

Ripley Said A Bad Word To Boris

Ripley is famous for being the daughter of a renowned actress and director

She came to prominence because of what she did when she was 15

Ripley went to the theatre to watch Harry Potter play, and in the audience, she saw Boris Johnson, one of the architects and former mayor.

So before the play started, she went there to talk to him, spoke with him, and returned to her seat. 

A few days later, her mother got a call from her friend, who asked about what Ripley had said to Boris.

Her mother had no idea, so she asked Ripley, and Ripley said that she introduced her to Boris Johnson and said he was a c*****, and after that, she told him to enjoy the show.

Ripley’s mom was very proud that her daughter went and said that C word to Boris.

Ripley‘s Mom Was Abused

Ripley’s mom Thandiwe Newton, who is professionally an actress, has a close relationship with her two daughters and a son. 

Being a mom, she shared her story of sexual abuse with her children. Ripley’s mom said she was sexually assaulted when she was 16

A director called her to shoot and asked her to do strange things. She was young and was in starting phase of her career, so she went there. 

The director then rolled the camera under her dress and told her to touch her boobs, imagining her sexual moment with a man. 

As she was young, she didn’t know what to do, so she did what the director asked her. 

Many years later, a drunken producer came to her and told her that he saw her video, and that was when Thandiwe realized that the director used her video for his purpose and showed it to his friends.

Then she realized that she was sexually abused at that time.

Ripley Is Excited About Her Project 

Ripley is one of the upcoming young writers trying to make her place in the entertainment world. 

Ripley’s dad is a writer, too, and following her dad's steps, she has also pursued a career in writing. 

She is only 21 years old, and NetFlix has accepted her script. Riley wrote a script, and the title of her screen write is The Fuck it Bucket.

Ripley is so happy and excited about her new project, and she also revealed that the shooting of her written script show would start this year. 

Her screenwriter is based on the life of teenagers, and she is excited about shooting and releasing the story she wrote.

Ol Left His Wife Broken

Ol was married to his wife Thandiwe for over two decades, and they share three beautiful children. 

Unfortunately, Ol left Thandiwe because of some personal reasons. They separated in 2022, which affected Ol’s then-wife Thandiwe a lot. 

She had an emotional breakdown and eventually ended up in rehab seeking help.

Thandiwe was known to be showing weird behavior after her separation from Ol.

She even got into an argument with her co-star Channing Tatum on the set, causing her to get kicked out of the show. 

She was emotionally stressed because of her marriage and family issues, which broke her emotionally.  

Her breakdown showed that she was not ready for the separation from Ol, and their marriage ending broke her completely.

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