Who Is Rita Kress? Mother Of Nathan Kress

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Rita Kress is the mother of actor and director Nathan Kress. She is married to Steven M. Kress. They have three kids: Nathan, Kevin, and Andrew.

Rita Kress's son and grandson.
Rita Kress's son and grandson. Source: Instagram

Son's Married Life

Nathan is a doting husband. He has been happily married to London Elise Moore since 2015

His wife is a model, stunt woman, and actress. They have two beautiful daughters, Rosie Carolyn and Evie Elise, and a son, Lincoln William, from their marriage.

Nathan Kress with his wife.
Nathan Kress with his wife. Source: Instagram


Her son Nathan is 30 years old

Net Worth

His net worth is estimated to be $1.5 million. He has managed to earn this fortune from his career as an actor and director. 

Nathan Reacted To 'iCarly' Being Cancelled After Three Seasons

iCarly is a teen sitcom that aired from 2007 to 2012, and Paramount+ has canceled the show reboot after three seasons.

Paramount released a statement about the ending of the show, which was a shock to everyone. 

Nathan said they wanted to give the audience the ending they were waiting for and added that no one ever wanted to end on a cliffhanger. 

He thanked everyone for showing love in the past three seasons. 

He thanked the crew, writers, production, and castmates for creating a creative working environment on set. 

Nathan Talked About How His Character In 'iCarly 'Evolved In 10 Years

Nathan played the role of Freddie Benson in the sitcom iCarly, which ran from 2007 to 2012

The show was revived in 2020 and premiered in 2021

In an interview, Nathan talked about the difference between his character now and then. 

He said that back then, his character used to be a fantastic tech nerd producer of the show responsible for managing all the behind-the-scenes stuff. 

Ten years back, he is still the same but has used his skills and interest in the technology business. 

He added everything his character tries to do; he ends up crashing or burning them. 

He shared that Freddie was in a low place when the show started at first, and he was not close to the one he is today after ten years. 

He added that as the seasons progressed, his character returned to the old self.

Nathan's Life Lessons From The Show iCarly

Nathan said the first thing he wants the audience to take away from the show is to be careful while doing something and not to do what he has done in the front. 

He said even though the relationship between the characters has changed in the show's reboot, they have not left each other side no matter what. 

He wants the fans to know that people go through many ups and downs in relationships but must stick to them unconditionally. 

He added in this wild world where adults are being brought up differently, he wants them to be with their family and surround themselves with friends. 

Nathan's Advice To Young Actors

Nathan started his career as a child artist, and many upcoming young actors look up to him as inspiration. 

He advised them to start their journey from the theatre. He said from the theatre, they will know what they want to do in the future. 

He shared theatre is a great way to start as one can do it in their local community without worrying about moving to different places. 

He said the theatre would give them a clear vision about if they wanted to be on stage performing in front of people. 

He said it is impactful and less stressful to start their journey in an acting career.

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