Who Is Robert Ford Wilson? Son Of Owen Wilson

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Who Is Robert Ford Wilson? Son Of Owen Wilson

Robert Ford Wilson is the eldest son of the American actor Owen Wilson. His mother's name is Jade Duell.

He was born in the year 2011 and has his birthday on Jan 14.

He has two half-siblings one sister and one brother from his father's side. He is an American citizen.

Robert Ford Wilson with his mom, Jade Duell.
Robert Ford Wilson with his mom, Jade Duell. Source: Pinterest

About Robert's Father Owen 

Owen is an actor well known for his role play in Wedding Crashers as John Beckwith

He has played in many movies like Bottle Rocket, Rushmore, and The Royal Tenenbaums

Owen was born to his dad Robert Andrew Wilson and his mom Luke Wilson in 1968. He grew up with his siblings Luke and Andrew

He was born in Dallas, United States which makes him an American citizen by his nationality. 

Robert Ford Wilson's dad Owen Wilson.
Robert Ford Wilson's dad Owen Wilson. Source: Instagram

Married Life Of Owen 

Owen is not married yet but the famous actor has dated many famous celebrities throughout his life

Back in 2006, he was in a relationship with actress Kate Hudson whom he met on the set of You and Me

Their relationship lasted only for some time as in 2007 they got separated. 

After that, he dated Jade Duell with whom he had his first child, son Robert Ford. They dated for some years and then broke up. 

He then dated Caroline Lindqvist and in 2014 they welcomed their son fitness. 

Owen is also the father to his daughter named Lyla. She was born when Owen was in a relationship with Varunie Vongsvirates. 

As of 2023, it's unknown if Owen is dating anyone or not as he has kept his personal life out of the spotlight.

Parents of Robert Ford Wilson.
Parents of Robert Ford Wilson. Source: Pinterest

Age And Net Worth 

Robert is currently 12 years old. His father's net worth is $70 Million

Owen’s Kids Are Not Allowed To Smoke

Owen is the father of three children two sons and a daughter. He is very close to his sons Finn and Robert Ford

In the interview with Jimmy Kimmel, he talked about how competitive his sons Ford and Fin are with each other. 

Both of them try their best to get good grades, making Owen happy than one another.  

As a father, he is very strict with his sons but only for some reasons. 

He is a strict father when it comes to manners and behavior things but not so strict type for other simple thing. 

He opened up that is a very old-fashioned dad and because of that, he has strictly told his kids that they are not allowed to smoke in his house no matter what age they get. 

He doesn’t care what his brothers have taught to his children but he is sure that he won’t let his sons smoke in his house. 

He is a great father and has a strict parenting style.

Owen Has No Relation With His Own Daughter 

Owen has a daughter named Lyla with his ex-partner Varuni Vongsvirates

His daughter is currently 4 years old but unfortunately, Owen has never met or seen her since her birth. 

His former partner gave birth to Lyle after their breakup so he never considered Lyla as his daughter. 

He is a great dad to his two sons and his former partner expected him to be good for their daughter too but when she told Owen about her daughter he said it was not his. 

He even did a DNA test to confirm if Lyla was his or not and the result testified that Lyla was his own blood. 

Knowing that he didn’t accept her. He agreed to pay child support to Lyla but told her that he will never accept her as a daughter. 

After that Varuni took the responsibility of Lyla and she is raising her all alone now. 

Owen Was Saved By His Brother

Back in 2007, Owen shocked everyone when the news of his suicide attempt flashed. 

The actor tried to kill himself but thankfully he got saved by his brother. His brother Luke saw him and took him to the hospital. 

He opened up that he had been dealing with depression for a long time and even told that thinking of death knocked his head when he was only 11 years old.

He even recalled saying to his dad about his worrying about death and getting a shocking reaction from his father. 

Luckily Owen was seen by his brother and his first suicide attempt failed and he got saved. 

He was thankful to his both brothers who took care of him. 

His other brother named Andrew stayed with him and took care of him until he recovered.

Owen Talks About Aging 

Owen has already spent many years of his in the acting industry and in the interview with Conan he talked about how aging is taken in the industry. 

He was in his late 40s when he talked about this in the interview and told how people notice him and asked him if he didn’t get much sleep. 

He wanted to tell them that he is aging and that’s how he looks now. 

But he never wanted to make people see him like he is getting old so instead of saying the truth he lied to them. 

Although he had ten hours of sleep he would tell people that he hadn’t slept at night and because of that he looked that way. 

He was in his middle age and he started doing things that he had never done in his life. 

He started walking and told other people to be happy in their middle age. 

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