Robert Maraj

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Robert Maraj

Robert Maraj was the father of the most famous female rapper in the world, Nikki Minaj.

More About Robert

Robert Maraj was born on July 12, 1956. He was brought up and raised in Saint James, Port of Spain

He was born into a strict Christian family. His mother was of Afro Trinidadian descent. 

His father was of Indo Trinidadian descent. He grew up being aware of different ethnicity and culture. 

He said he was blessed to celebrate and belong from a mixed ethnical background. 

He was the eldest son of his parents. He has a sister named Suzie Maraj. She is an entrepreneur. 

A Gospel Singer

Robert, being born in a Christian family, was one of the reasons why he got involved in gospel music. 

He mostly sang in religious and ceremonial events and performed in churches. 

Robert said that Gospel music helped him to convey his passion and beliefs. 

Being a Gospel singer was his part-time job. He used to work as a financial executive. 

Married a Gospel Singer

Robert was married to a woman named Carol Maraj. She also belonged to Afro Trinidadian

She was also a famous gospel singer in her locality. Besides singing, she used to work in the payroll and accounting departments. 

Robert was blessed with four children with Carol. 

Their names are Micaiah Maraj, Jelani Maraj, Ming Maraj and Onika Tanya Maraj

His daughter Nicki Minaj’s real name is Onika Tanya. She is the most famous one in her family. 

Robert with his wife
Robert with his wife  Source: Pinterest

Robert’s Inhuman Behavior

Robert had a violent temper. He was also abusive. In December 1987, he burned down his family home while his wife was inside. 

However, his wife Carol was able to figure out how to get out safely. He was also addicted to drugs and alcohol.

While his daughter Nikki was younger, he started manhandling medications and liquor. 

Robert also used to sell his furniture to afford money to consume drugs. 

Robert Maraj daughter Nicki Minaj and grandson
Robert Maraj daughter Nicki Minaj and grandson  Source: Instagram

Overcoming Addictions

Robert was short-tempered. He used to be irresponsible and get high all the time. 

Later, he decided to quit drugs and his violet temper and abusive behavior. 

He thought this ridiculous behavior would never help him in the long run. He was marked to be better. 

So he went to recovery and kicked his bad habits. He became sober and started visiting churches. 

After quitting drugs and alcohol, he became a pastor. Being a pastor helped him to be a version of himself. 

Death of Robert

Robert passed away on Saturday, February 13 of 2021. He was walking on the road in Long Island, New York, on Friday, February 12, 2021, and was hit by a car. 

The car escaped the scene. He was immediately taken to hospital. 

According to the police, he was pronounced dead just the next day after the accident. 

A man named Charles, who was 70 years old charged with killing him. 

Relationship with Daughter

Nikki said that her relationship with dad was not very appealing. 

She shared that her father abused his mother and often screamed and holes punched into the walls in anger during her childhood. 

Nikki thought that she was always afraid of what might happen to her mother. She shared that her family never wanted her father around. 

She said she just wanted a good father, which he failed to be. She also mentioned that her father was physically violent. 

Nikki also shared that as a teenager, she used to knee down and pray to god to make her rich so that she and her mother would not have to stay with her father.

 However, things changed after Robert went to rehab to clean himself up. 

Robert with her daughter Nikki
Robert with her daughter Nikki  Source: Pinterest

Net Worth

The net worth of Robert was never disclosed. However, the average earnings of a financial executive are forty-eight thousand dollars per year. 

The net worth of his daughter is given below:

Net WorthSources
$85 millionRapper, songwriter

Age, Height, and Weight

  1. Robert passed away at the age of sixty-four years old.
  2. His height was five feet eleven inches.
  3. His weight was sixty-two kilograms.

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