Robert Walker Brown

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Robert Walker Brown

Robert walker Brown is a man who is famous as the father of Hannah Brown (winner of a beauty pageant Miss Alabama and the lead actress on the 15th season of the television series, The Bachelorette). 

He was born and raised in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

Graduated From Hamilton

Brown graduated from Hamilton High School, which is located in Arizona

He later studied Cosmetology Instruction at Shelton State Community College, which is located in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

After that, he studied at Paul Mitchell School at Huntsville.  

Married To Susanne Brown

Robert Walker Brown is married to his wife, Susanne Brown. They are a happily married couple and are still together. 

They are blessed with two children named Patrick Brown and Hannah Brown.

Hannah, a famous television personality, mentions in various interviews that they are extremely supportive of each other and are happy. 

She has also posted lots of pictures on social media about her family. 

Robert Walker Brown Family
Robert Walker Brown Family Source: Heavy

A Hair Stylish By Profession

Mr. Brown is a professional hair stylish. He is the owner of the salon in Alabama called Hair Impression.

He also owns a school named Paul Mitchell, the school in Birmingham, Alabama

He has given a haircut to many famous personalities like Chris Harrison (host of the show The Bachelorette). 

Daughter's Magnificient Career

Robert's daughter Hannah started her career when she was young. 

She started her pageant career when she was 15 years old, where she won the first runner-up award at Miss Alabama's outstanding teen 2010. 

After grabbing the first runner-up titles, she participated in the next beauty pageant called Miss teen Alabama

She was placed as the second runner-up. She participated in two more beauty pageants called Miss Alabama USA and Miss Alabama

Later on, she was crowned as Miss Alabama 2018, where she got the opportunity to represent her state Alabama on Miss USA, but tragically, she didn't win the pageant.

After investing so many years in pageants, Hannah started her television career as the lead on the 15th season of The Bachelorette 2019. 

Where Did His Daughter Go To High School?

Hannah  studied at Tuscaloosa high school. Later on, she graduated with a degree in Communication and Information Science from the University of Alabama.

Is Hannah brother Patrick Brown a drug abuser?

Patrick Brown has revealed through his Instagram post that he suffered from a drug overdose on March 1st, 2020, which led him to spend two days on a ventilator

He says that he is grateful to be alive and have all the people who check upon him. He is thankful that this incident happened and didn't regret any of it. 

Patrick says he isn't posting any of it to seek attention or to gain sympathy. 

He says he is thankful to God for giving him second life and a second chance. 

He mentioned that he feels excellent recovering and wants to live healthy and cozy life. 

He wants to heal his heart and soul too. 

He also addressed that his sister and parents were supportive and helped him a lot during his hard times.

Is Robert Walker a backstreet boy?

Hannah's dad is usually confused with Joey Fatone (a famous band backstreet boy). 

When the host of the reality show, Chris Harrison, was welcomed to Hannah's home at Tuscaloosa, they went through some old pictures. 

Chris said her dad, Robert looked like Joey during his younger days. 

This episode aired on television, and fans were shocked to see how her dad's facial features matched Joey Fatone

Ever since then, lots of tweets have been circulating about how those two people shared similar looks.

Is Robert's daughter Hannah dating someone new?

Rumors were circulating when Hannah was spotted holding hands with a model named Adam Woolard.

They were seen together several times by paparazzi. Nobody was sure about their relationship. 

On February 14th, 2021, Hannah posted an Instagram story with model Adam wishing him happy valentines' day. 

Daughter's New Partner Adam
Daughter's New Partner Adam Source: Daily Mail

Who is Adam, Hannah's New Partner?

After being spotted with T.V. star Hannah, people have been curious to know more about him. 

Adam is a model. He has also linked his agency on his Instagram bio called the West Hollywood-based agency, which prioritizes in film, commercials, T.V. 

His LinkedIn profile also demonstrates that he has lots of experience working in the financial field. 

He also worked at Avenue bank for four years. He is currently working as Sales Director for a clothing company called Greg Lauren

So he is a multitalented man working in different fields from modeling to sales director.          

Adam studied at the University of Arkansas from 2005 to 2009.

After that, he studied at Lipscomb University in Nashville from 2010 to 2012. In 2015, he was issued a certified treasury professional license by the Association of Financial Profession.

Net Worth of Robert Brown:

Robert works as a professional hairstylist and also owns a school. 

By investing his efforts in two jobs, he earns a healthy amount of money earnings. 

Although his exact net worth has not been revealed, following are his estimated earnings are given below:

S.N. Estimated Earnings
Salon(Hair impressions)$25000 per year
The school (Paul Mitchell)$10000 per year

Age, height, and weight

  1. His height is 6 feet.
  2. His weight is 70 kilograms
  3. He is 65 years old.

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