Who Is Robin Byrne? Father Of Rose Byrne

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Who Is Robin Byrne? Father Of Rose Byrne

Robin Byrne is the father of Australian actress Rose Byrne. He was a statistician by profession and also worked as a market researcher

He is married to Jane Byrne. His wife was an administrator in a primary school. They are parents to four kids, George, Lucy, Alice, and Rose is their youngest child. 

Robin Byrne's wife and daughter.
Robin Byrne's wife and daughter. Source: Dailymail

Is Rose Married?

Rose is in a relationship with actor Bobby Cannavale. They are yet to exchange their vows, but Bobby calls her his wife. 

They met in 2012 through a mutual friend and have been together ever since. 

Rose is a doting mother of two beautiful kids. 

She married to actor and screenwriter Brenden Cowell before meeting Bobby. 

They were married for seven years and later got separated.

Rose Byrne with her partner.
Rose Byrne with her partner. Source: Glamour


His daughter Rose is 43 years old.

Net Worth

His daughter Rose's net worth is estimated to be $16 million

Children of Robin Byrne.
Children of Robin Byrne. Source: Getty Image

Rose Talked About Travelling To Australia

Rose is a global Ambassador of Australia

She said it was an honor to be part of such a big thing as this campaign had a big legacy in Australia

She traveled to Australia in partnership with Tourism Australia. She is also a toy souvenir which is the kangaroo of the campaign. 

She voices the character. She worked on the campaign with her friend Michael Gracey. She said her parents were very excited about that. 

She even took her dad to Uluru as she was shooting for the campaign in incredible places in Australia.

Rose Loves Halloween In America

Rose was born and raised in Australia and said that Halloween was not a big thing in Australia.

She shared she used to have crappy pairs of cardboard ears and drew some whiskers in her face and knocked on doors, and people used to give her apples and carrots. 

She shared that Halloween in the US is like magic. She said she and her kids have Halloween fever every time. 

Rose Didn’t Know That Star Wars: Attack Of The Clones Was The Prequel

Rose revealed that she didn’t know that she was in the Star Wars prequel. Instead, she thought that it was the start of the movie series. 

She was in the 2002 Star Wars; Episode II movie. She said the film was shot 20 years ago, so she didn’t remember much about it. 

She said it was an incredible experience as it was shot in Australia. However, she said that she is not a Star Wars person

She shared that her partner recently showed her kids Star Wars. However, she didn't know she was in the Star Wars prequel until then. 

She thought that the Star Wars franchise started with Princess Leia.

She shared that Bobby was starting Star Wars with Jar Jar Binks, and she was like, why wasn't he starting the enterprise with Princess Leia.

Then Bobby said that Jar Jar Binks was there initially and Princess Leia started from the middle. 

She was in the movie and didn’t realize it was the prequel. Twenty years later, she realized that it was the prequel. 

In her defense, she said she forgot that because it has been too long and confusing for her. 

Rose Talked About 80s Aerobics Workout.

Rose played the fitness instructor role in the dark comedy series 'Physical.' Her character Sheila wanted to create a brand for wellness.

She said that in the 80s, people didn’t have workout gear and websites or apps from where they could learn and train. 

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