Robin Madden – Tragedy Of Benji Madden Mother

by Pragya Sat Mar 23 2024 Updated On Sat Mar 23 2024
Robin Madden – Tragedy Of Benji Madden Mother

Robin Madden is the mother of American musician Benji Madden. She shares four children with Roger Combs. She is an American citizen by nationality. 

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Struggling as a single mom 

Robin’s ex-partner, Roger Combs, left her and the kids when their kids were very young. 

She had to face a lot of problems as a single mother. She was even evicted from her home as she didn’t have much money to support her family. 

After her partner left, her kids changed their name from Combs to Madden

Robin Madden with her children
Robin Madden with her children. Source: Tumblr

What is the most important lesson she taught to her son?

On the occasion of Mother's day, Robin gave an interview with her sons, Benji and Joel. 

During an interview, they talked about how close of a bond the brothers share. 

Robin shared that as a child, she would put the brother in the same crib but on each end, but when she went to check on them later, Joel would be lying next to Benji. 

Joel then said that's pretty much how it's been their entire life. Benji would always take the lead, and Joel would always follow. 

Robin also talked about how her sons revealed their tattoos to her. She said every kid should tell their parents about the tattoos they get, as Benji does. 

Once, Benji told her he had a present for her, and he lifted his sleeve and showed her a "Mom" tattoo. 

When the host asked them what was the most important lesson their mom taught them, they said Robin raised them to respect ladies. 

Robin then said they told her that she ruined their dating life. 

Not only that, but Robin even told them that every woman is someone's sister or daughter, so think about their mother and sisters when they are on a date. 

Her sons credited her for the good talk she had with them cause that led them to be good men and also good partners. 

Joel said a dude who cannot be faithful is insecure and that they are good men to their women. 

When the host asked them what they learned about being a parent from their mother, they said their mother always let them run wild with the Christmas list even though they were facing tight times. 

She would always let them dream, which Joel said he will do the same with his kids. 

About Robin’s son Benji

Benji is a professional musician. He is well known for being the lead guitarist and back vocalist of the band Good Charlotte

He formed that band with his twin brother Joel Madden. He was born in the year 1979

He also has an elder brother, Josh, and a younger sister, Sarah. He is an American citizen by nationality. 

Robin Madden twin boys Joel and Benji Madden
Robin Madden twin boys Joel and Benji Madden. Source: Instagram

Married life of Benji

Benji is married to his wife, Cameron Diaz. He met Cameron back in 2014 at an event organized by his twin brother. 

In a very short time, they developed feelings and started dating. 

They got engaged in December of the same year, and in 2015, they happily tied the knot. 

As of now the couple are parents to two children, a daughter named Raddix and a son Cardinal

Robin Madden son Benji Madden with his wife Cameron Diaz
Robin Madden son Benji Madden with his wife Cameron Diaz. Source: Instagram

Age and Net Worth 

Her son, Benji, is 45 years old. He has the net worth of $40 Million. His source of income is his career in music.

Benji stressed out on his wife’s birthday? 

Benji’s wife, Cameron, talked about her 50th birthday in an interview. She opened up that Benji was really stressed out about her birthday preparation. 

Benji has a huge interest in celebration, so he wanted to do something special on her 50th birthday. 

When he started dating Cameron, he threw three surprise birthday parties for her one birthday, which was really awesome. 

But during Cameron’s 50th birthday party, he couldn’t think of anything, so he asked Cameron what she wanted to do on her big day. 

Benji had decided that they had to do something, so when her birthday started getting close, he started panicking and tried his best to hide from his wife. 

As they couldn’t decide what to do, they ended up celebrating Cameron’s birthday with a small dinner with their close ones. 

How did Benji manage to keep his wedding a secret? 

Benji and his wife surprised everyone with news of their wedding in 2015. The couple revealed the news only after they tied the knot. 

Both Benji and his wife are big celebrities, and keeping their whole marriage a secret was not an easy job, but the couple managed it somehow. 

They tied the knot in Cameron’s home, and Cameron was clever enough to cover her house with the tent so the media choppers couldn’t capture their moment. 

They also let their celebrity guests drive themselves to their wedding so that the news of their marriage wouldn’t go out and attract unwanted media attention. 

Cameron also faked the press, saying that she covered her house with a tent for hosting the pre-Golden Globes party. 

Benji was inspired by the Beastie Boys. 

Benji and his twin brother were quite young when they started their own music band. 

They have always been interested in music, but they never thought of being a stage performer when they were young. 

But things changed after they went to the Beastie Boys concert. 

They were only 15 years old and went to their first concert, where they saw the iconic Beastie Boys band performance. 

Benji and his brother Joel were really inspired, and at that moment, they learned about making music and stage performances. 

They also decided to do the same thing, so the very next day after the concert, they started their own band, which completely changed their lives for good.

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