Who Is Rochelle Robley? Ex-Wife Of Tom Smothers

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Who Is Rochelle Robley? Ex-Wife Of Tom Smothers

Rochelle Robley is the ex-wife of comedian, composer, musician, and actor Thomas Bolyn Smother, who goes by the name Tom Smothers

They married in 1974, but their marriage lasted only two years. They do not share kids.

Rochelle Robley with her ex-husband, Tom Smothers.
Rochelle Robley with her ex-husband, Tom Smothers. Source: Getty Image

Tom Died At The Age Of 86

Tom passed away at his home in Santa Rosa, California. He had been battling cancer for a very long time. 

He had stage 2 lung cancer.

The National Comedy Center announced and confirmed the news of his death on behalf of his family. 

His brother Dick Smothers said that he was shattered by the loss and said his brother has been by his side his entire life. 

Ex-Husband's Married Life

Tom was married to Marcy Carriker till the time of his death. His spouse is a famous author

They had two kids from their marriage. They tied the knot in 1990

 Tom Smothers with his current wife.
Tom Smothers with his current wife. Source: Pinterest


Tom was 86 years old at the time of death. He is feet inches tall. 

Net Worth

Her ex-husband, Tom, had an estimated net worth of $10 million

He has earned this fortune from his career as an actor and comedian

Tom Talked About Their Program On CBS

Tom and his brother appeared in the CBS sitcom The Smothers Brothers from 1965 to 1966.

In an interview, Tom said that they were fired after a year

He said they did not have to showcase their real potential, so they decided to take creative control over their next venture. 

He said it had been long since they worked with CBS. He said it was a blessing in disguise. 

He said after that, their life changed completely. He said they respect each other. 

Tom Talked About His Relationship With His Brother

Tom started doing comedy and singing with his brother from the beginning. 

They were called the Smothers Brothers

He said that as brothers performed together, it strengthened their bond. 

He said they have disagreements over a lot of things while doing shows. 

He said he was grateful to have his brother by his side following the same path, and he could relate to the ups and downs of being a comedian. 

He joked that his brother was a fascist. He said they have been very supportive of each other. 

He said they never fought with each other. 

Tom Shared How The Smother Brother Act originated.

Tom said he tried to get up and make people laugh at Rotary Club. 

He said he never understood how his straight face made people laugh so hard, but it worked for him. 

He said he used to play in a group and had a guitar with him most of the time in high school. 

He used to give speeches, too. 

He said he used to combine his speeches with folk songs that would make people laugh. 

His brother would point out mistakes, and he encouraged his brother to speak.  

He said most of the time, his brother was correcting him, and it came to the point that they were speaking equally on stage. 

They had speeches and conversations, and over the years, they evolved as a performer. 

He said it took them a year to be that duo. He said brother pragmatism worked. 

He said the disagreement conversations they had worked as those conversations were based on real-life conversations that had existed since they were young. 

They put their siblings' disagreement into action. He said his brother was a reluctant participant. 

He said he and his brother started when they were sophomores and juniors in high school. 

He said he used to do introductions in front of people. They started comedy after they joined college. 

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