Rodney G. Wright

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Rodney G. Wright is the stepdad of American actor, model, and producer Adam Driver. He's married to Nancy Wright. Rodney has two children from his previous marriage. 

Rodney himself is a minister at Baptist Church. He is an American by his nationality. 

Rodney's stepson Adam
Rodney's stepson Adam  Source: Instagram 

Relationship Status Of Adam Driver

He met his wife Joanne Tucker at the Juilliard. Afterwards they became friends and worked together and even created an organization together. 

The name of their organization is Arts in the Armed force Joanne is also the director of their foundation. 

In 2013, Adam got married to Joanne, and they had a destination wedding. At their wedding, they had only invited their closed owns.

The couple has a son together, but they keep their son's photo and life far from the media. They welcomed a kid secretly. 

Only after two years of his birth, it come out that they had a son. As of 2021, they both are still together and enjoying happy moments with each other together.

Adam with his wife, Joanne
Adam with his wife, Joanne  Source: Instagram

About Adam Driver

On November 19, 1983, Adam was born. He is the youngest son of Nancy Wright and Joe Douglas Driver

He also has an elder sister named April Driver, with whom he grew up in San Diego, California.

His acting career started after his graduation. Before beginning an acting career, he was in the Military. 

Adam is world widely known for his character play as Kylo Ren in the series Star War

He had shown his presence in many TV shows and short movies before doing big roles. 

Rodney's Stepson Is A Molester 

Rodney's stepson Adam is an actor who has gained popularity through his charming looks and acting skills. 

But a time back, a woman in her 70s accused his stepson, saying that he tried to molest her. 

That woman is a Portuguese actress. She opened up that she was working with his stepson Adam for The Man Who Killed Don Quixote

His behavior made her feel very uncomfortable, and she spoke up that he didn't deserve to be an actor. 

Does Adam Driver Hate Muslim?

A time back in 2019, #AdamDriverIsOverParty was all over Twitter. It was all because the famous actor Adam Driver opened up about his participation in Marines

He said that he wanted to protect his country and fight for it. But many people misinterpreted it, thinking that he wanted to harm the peace of the nations and wanted war over there.

Because of this, people became so aggressive and wanted to cancel Adam Twitter account

They even thought that he had a dislike for Muslim people.


His actual age is unknown, but his stepson is 37 years old.

Net Worth

The net worth of Adam is $16 Million. He earns as being an actor, model, and producer. The yearly income of an American actor is $40,860.

Adam Driver Was In The Military

He is known all over as an outstanding actor. But what people don't know about him is that the actor Adam was a part of the Military.

He was in the Marines Corps before he pursued his acting career. He joined the Military when he was just a teenager and was trained hard to be in a Marines post. 

He is the one who always wanted to serve his country, but his journey in the Marines was short-lived. 

He was involved in a motorbike accident. Because of that accident, he badly damaged his sternum. 

He tried to overcome that, and for that, he pushed himself and trained harder, but that medical issue made him leave Marines and end his military journey. 

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