Who Is Roman Winnick? Father Of Katheryn Winnick

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Who Is Roman Winnick? Father Of Katheryn Winnick

Roman Winnicki is a celebrity father. His daughter is a Katheryn Winnick, known for her role in the Vikings television series. 

His wife is Lesya Winnicki. They share four children. 

Family Of Roman Winnicki.
Family Of Roman Winnicki. Source: Instagram

Relationship Status

Katheryn is currently dating a businessman named Michael Persall

She made her relationship with him on Instagram official by posting pictures of them in 2020.

Katheryn Winnick with her boyfriend.
Katheryn Winnick with her boyfriend. Source: Instagram


His daughter Katheryn is 44 years old

Net Worth

His daughter's net worth is estimated to be $ 1 million. She has managed to earn this net worth from her acting career.

Roman Winnicki's daughter Katheryn Winnick.
Roman Winnicki's daughter Katheryn Winnick. Source: Instagram

Katheryn Struggled With One Scene When She Shot For Vikings

Katheryn portrayed a complex character called Lagertha in Vikings. Her character was a pivotal part of the show. 

It was hard for Katheryn to bring this passionate, complicated and strong character to life. 

In 2019 she revealed to her fans the physical and emotional challenges of playing her character. 

Roman Winnicki's wife Lesya Winnicki and daughter Katheryn Winnick.
Roman Winnicki's wife Lesya Winnicki and daughter Katheryn Winnick. Source: Instagram

The toughest scene for her had nothing to do with gruesome executions or deadly power grabs. 

It was a combination of three foes; weather, water and weight.

When a fan asked her which scene was the toughest to shoot. 

She posted the picture of them swimming in the freezing water with pounds of armor on. 

She told TV Guide that they had medics on set, checking them to see if they would go into shock because their body would be frozen. 

They would get into the little hot box to warm up and go back out and shoot because it was very intense to shoot below zero temperature. 

Winnicki Is A Highly Skilled And Accomplished Martial Artist

Winnicki is not only a qualified dramatic actor but also physically prepared. 

She is not only a trained actor but also a highly skilled and accomplished martial artist. 

According to Vanity reports, she holds a third-degree black belt in taekwondo and a second-degree black belt in karate

By age 21, she had owned three martial arts studios while completing a degree at York University in Ontario

She was a perfect match for the character Lagertha as her character had the courage of a man and fought in front among the bravest with her hair loose over her shoulders. 

With real-world physical abilities, Winnicki could authentically embody her character's fearless, warrior attitude even in the face of death.

Katheryn Got Emotional On The Set Of Vikings

Katheryn's character lasted far more than intended. 

In an interview, she revealed that her character was originally supposed to have a two or three-season run, but they didn't want to kill her after six seasons. 

The show writer Michael Hirst wanted her exit to be epic. He admitted that it was a really difficult death to write. 

He faced great pressure from fans, even getting death threats warning him against killing off Lagertha

When her death was expected, it didn't make it easier to say goodbye to the show. 

In an interview, Winnick said that the last scene was harder than she thought. 

Seeing her character dying was a bittersweet moment for her. 

She admitted that it took her a while to process her final moments in the show. 

She said walking into the funeral in the next episode and having that out-of-body experience hit her harder. 

That's why she broke down in tears.

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