Romeo Alejandro David Baldwin- Adorable Son Of Alec Baldwin

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Romeo Alejandro David Baldwin- Adorable Son Of Alec Baldwin

Romeo Alejandro David Baldwin is the son of American actor, comedian, film producer, and political activist Alec Baldwin

His mother's name is Hilaria Baldwin. He has five siblings. He is American by his nationality.

Romeo Alejandro David Baldwin Parents
Romeo Alejandro David Baldwin Parents  Source: Instagram

Relationship Status Of Alec Baldwin

Alec was in a relationship with Kim Basinger. They both met each other on the set of a movie. 

They worked on that movie together and later started dating. In 1993 they tied the knot. 

Alec has a daughter named Ireland with Kim. They stayed together for seven years and later divorced in 2002.

After nine years of divorcing his first wife, he got into a relationship with Hilaria Baldwin. They started dating in 2011. 

His partner is a yoga instructor. A year after dating, they got engaged, and in the same year, they got married. 

Alec has six children with Hilaria. As of 2021, they are still married and living together with their children.

Romeo Alejandro David Baldwin with his siblings and mother
Romeo Alejandro David Baldwin with his siblings and mother  Source: Instagram 

About Alec Baldwin 

Alec's full name is Alexander Rae Baldwin III is an American actor, producer, and comedian born on 3rd April 1958

Alec started his acting career when he was young. As a newcomer, he played supporting characters and small TV roles. 

After being a good actor, he started playing the main role. He is well known for his role in Tim Burton's Beetlejuice movie. 

He had his appearance in tons of movies during his whole life. His best movies are The Cooler, The Boss Baby, and The Departed

He is married and has seven children with different partners.

Romeo Alejandro David Baldwin with his brothers
Romeo Alejandro David Baldwin with his brothers  Source: Instagram 

Alec Baldwin Called The Media Finally

Alec Baldwin gave an interview to NBC News in 2022. After a horrific accident, while shooting the mobile Rust, he kept himself away from the media. 

He killed the cinematographer Helena Hutchin with a fake gun accidentally. In that case, the investigation was going on, and Alec said that he could not say anything before the investigation was over. 

The media have followed him since the incident happened, and he has always stayed away from them. 

But he finally came in front of the press, hoping that they won't follow him after the interview. 

He expressed alongside his wife that their children were crying in the car, and they wanted some privacy while going to places.

After what happened on set, Alec thinks that production should work on the safety gears while filming dangerous scenes. 

They should be using rubber guns or plastic guns that cannot shoot and affect them. 

He agreed that he was not an expert on this stuff, but he thinks it is the urgency after what happened in the set. 

He stated the accident as one in a trillion accident as an incident like that never happened, and he hopes it never happens again. 

Moreover, he said he talked with Helena's husband and daughter as he was worried about them more than anything. 

He has been in contact with them frequently. He is ready to compromise and do whatever is necessary to conclude.

According to Alec, the production of Rust was closed after the accident occurred.

Copying President Trump

Alec Baldwin gave an interview to Jimmy Kimmel Live Show where he talked about his mimicry of Donald Trump and many other things. 

At the beginning of the interview, Jimmy asked Alec about him giving up on Lent. For that, Alec replied that it completely depends on the person that he is dealing with. 

But when he asked his wife what he should be giving up in Lent, his wife sarcastically replied that Alec should give up on his complaining about Lent. 

That proves that he has a very complaining nature, and that reply from his wife made him speechless for a while. 

He belongs to Catholicism. Alec revealed that he had stopped using bad words and cursing people many years ago.

But sometimes, those F words come to his mouth when he sees some women, and he told that even God would say that word if God were in that situation. 

Then the interviewer praised Alec for his performance that he had done during Saturday Night Live Show.

There he did a caricature of former President Donald Trump. He copied Trump so well that many people got very impressed with him. 

Alec personally doesn't have any problem with Trump, but he didn't want to mimic him. 

He revealed that he got a call from some people, and at the beginning, he said no to them. 

He had never copied Trump in his life, and he was blank and had no idea what he would do there. 

When he reached the stage, he changed his facial expression and tried copying him. 

He mocked him so well that if someone ever thinks of duplicating Trump in any show, then that person will approach Alec Baldwin

To know more about the interview, do check the link.

Matt Hutchins Blamed Alec Baldwin For His Wife's Death

Alec gave an interview where he said he was not responsible for cinematographer Halyna Hutchins's death and blamed others for her death. 

But when it was asked to late Halyna's husband Matt Hutchins, he didn't seem to agree with him. Matt said that Alec was responsible for Halyna's death as the gun was in his hand. 

He also expressed that Alec's tears were fake, and he was trying to play the victim when he was the one who was actually to be blamed. 

As Halyna and Matt have a son together, Matt revealed that he has been trying to make his son smile even in the absence of his mother. 

Halyna was a great mother, and she always loved motherhood, according to Matt

Although Halyna is not with Matt and his son, Matt believes that people need happiness in their lives and need to smile and laugh. 

Hence he tries his best to take care of his son and make him laugh. Matt misses his wife. On her behalf, Matt always wears the engagement ring that he gave to Halyna

He revealed that it always reminds him of Halyna and their memories. They were both close to each other, and they just had small children in their families. 

But due to an accident, Halyna lost her life while shooting the movie Rust. For this incident, Matt blamed Alec, who held the gun that killed his wife. 

Hence, Matt expressed that he was really angry with Alec after he gave an interview to ABC news and described Halyna's death in detail. 

Also, as Alec held Halyna and others responsible for the accident and told about his pain after the accident, Matt became clear that Alec was playing the victim card and he was the one who was responsible.


Romeo was born in May 2018 and is currently three years old.

Net Worth 

The net worth of Alec is $60 Million. He earns as being an actor, comedian, and film producer. 

The average earning of actors is estimated at $40,860 per year.

Alec Baldwin Killed A Person

Alec is working on a project the movie named Rust. He worked with director Joel Souza, choreographer Halyna Hutchins, actress Frances Fisher, and other crew members in a location. 

During the shoot, an accident occurred that took a person's life and made another person critically injured. 

There was a prop gun brought for the movie, which Alec misfired. The misfire, unfortunately, hit the director and the choreographer of the movie.

The movie director, Joel Souza, was taken into hospital via helicopter and was in critical condition, whereas the choreographer died in the hospital. 

It was a devastating moment for the whole Rust crew.

Alec Baldwin with his son Romeo Alejandro
Alec Baldwin with his son Romeo Alejandro  Source: Instagram

Alec Suffered From The Disease For A Long Time

A tick bit Alec in 2001 and then had Lyme disease due to the bite. He had all the disease symptoms and couldn't get rid of the disease.  

He has been suffering it for 20 years. He even had anxiety due to the disease and its stress. 

Every year 476,000 people are caught by the disease, and Alec is one of them.

Alec Believes In The Betterment Of The World

Alex is a big name in the film industry and has been providing a lot of brilliant work even at 68 years. He has contributed so much to the industry. 

Not only for the industry, but he has also done a lot for social services. He often speaks about environmental causes and their betterment. 

He inspires people to help clean the environment. He is a part of Carol M. Baldwin Breast Cancer Research Fund and supports the gun control act. 

He indeed has a soft corner for social work and has a kind heart.

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