Romina Gafur

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Romina Gafur

Romina Gafur is a TikTok star from the United States of America

With gorgeous looks and stunning creativity, Gafur is one of those creators who got officially crowned as certified muser by TikTok

Family/ Boyfriend

She has a warm neutral family of four. Her father, Gafur Muratov, is a business entrepreneur by profession, and her mother, Firuza Malik, is a beautiful pianist. 

Romina Gafur with her mother
Romina Gafur with her mother. Source: Instagram

Gafur grew up with lots of love and care as the second child of the family. Her happy jolly lovely family is here. 

Romina Gafur with her father
Romina Gafur with her father. Source: Instagram

She has a handsome older brother, Suhrob Gafur, who also plays the finest melodies in piano. 

Romina Gafur with her older brother, Suhrob Gafur.
Romina Gafur with her older brother, Suhrob Gafur. Source: Instagram

It is prominent that she got inspiration and support for her love for music from her mother and family. 

Romina is close to her brother, and she takes him as a friend cum sibling. 

The sibling bond is so adorable and strong that the Suhrob Gafur runs a company name under siblings media. 

Not only that, they often share duet videos of songs where Suhrob plays piano, and Romina sings in pleasing tune. They have a special sibling bonding.

She can be synonymous with the ruler of social media as of the present context. But her dating news has always been a mystery for us. 

There are no boyfriends or dating stories related to Romina till now. So wait until our Queen posts something with her King.


Romina Gafur is globally admired now, but before rising to fame, she was only a simple girl with dreams and love for music. 

Gafur started playing piano at the age of six. Her passion for music gave her the strength to open up on social media. 

She joined TikTok in 2016 while she was still a schoolgirl. Her first TikTok video which featured “Can’t Stop the Feeling” by Justin Timberlake

Initially, she posted lip synchronizing videos, cover song videos, and collaborated with fellow TikTokers. 

Currently, she has more than 14 million followers in TikTok

She is known for not only posting amazing content but most admired for her behind the content videos. 

Her DIY tutorials and tricky videos are super loved by viewers all over the world. 

In addition, she never fails to share her tips and hacks for creating sensational transition videos. 

Gafur is equally loved by people on Instagram. She has 566K followers, and her posts are known for collecting thousands of likes in a snap. 

You can find her @rominagafur on Instagram. It’s guaranteed that you won’t stop yourself from double-tapping at her awe-inspiring pictures.

Along with TikTok and Instagram, she is an active creator on YouTube as well. She started her YouTube channel two years ago. 

With her mesmerizing personality, she has earned more than 174K subscribers. Here, she shares content related to TikTok tutorials mostly.

On February 20, 2020, she shared a video on her YouTube channel titled, ‘CLONE/TWIN TRANSITION TUTORIAL ON TIKTOK,’ which has more than 131k views till date. 

You can see the video in the link below. 


Net Worth

She, as a digital content creator, has various platforms for earning ranging from TikTok to YouTube. In addition, she does sponsor videos and contents too.

According to our sources, we summed her income to be as follows:

S.NSourcesUsernameEstimated Earnings Per Post
1Tiktok@rominagafur$864- $14401
2YoutubeRomina Gafur$864- $1186
3Instagram@rominagafur$958- $1643
4Brand Endorsement --not revealed-

The lifestyle of hers

At just 21 years old, she has achieved what many people could dream of only. 

She started earning on her own via creativity at a young age of 16; there is no doubt that she is a self-made rich girl with worldwide fame.

Romina Gafur infornt of her car.
Romina Gafur infornt of her car. Source: Instagram

She lives with her family in a luxurious house in New York. She owns a white car. Romina loves traveling and frequently goes for vacations. 

Age and Height

  1. Romina was born on September 2, 1999, making her a beautiful young girl of 21 years old of age as of 2020. Her birthplace is Denver, a city of Colorado, USA.
  2. Gafur is Virgo by zodiac sign.
  3. She is 5 feet 4 inches, which is around 166 cm.
  4. She is around 48 kg.

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