Who Is Romy Hero Johnson? Daughter Of Aaron Taylor-Johnson

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Who Is Romy Hero Johnson? Daughter Of Aaron Taylor-Johnson

Romy Hero Johnson is the daughter of English actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson. Her mother's name is Sam Taylor-Johnson, a film director and photographer. 

She has an elder sister named Wylda Rae Johnson. She is a British

About Romy's Father Aaron

Aaron is an English actor known for appearing in Marvel Cinematic Universe as Pietro Maximoff.

He was born to his parents, Sarah Johnson and Robert Johnson, in High Wycombe, United Kingdom.

He has his birthday on June 13.

Parents Married Life

Aaron is currently married to his wife, Sam Taylor-Wood. The couple tied the knot in 2012. 

Aaron and Sam started dating each other back in 2009. They met each other for the first time in the same year on the set of the movie Nowhere Boy

Aaron was only 18 years old, whereas Sam was 42. They have 23 years age gap between them. 

Aaron and Sam are parents to two daughters, their first daughter Wylda Rae was born in 2010, and their second daughter Romy was born in 2012. 

Aaron also has two stepdaughters from his wife's ex-marriage. Aaron and Sam are happily living their life with their daughters. 

Parents of Romy Hero Johnson.
Parents of Romy Hero Johnson. Source: Instagram

Age And Net Worth 

Romy was born in the year 2012 and is currently 10 years old. Her father has a net worth of $16 Million. 

Romy Hero Johnson's father, Aaron Taylor-Johnson.
Romy Hero Johnson's father, Aaron Taylor-Johnson. Source: Instagram

Aaron Got Trapped By His Wife 

Aaron has been married to his wife Sam for a decade now. 

The couple has 23 year of age gap between them, and because of their age gap, they have been slammed by the fans many times. 

Aaron was only 18 when he met 42 years old Sam, a film director. 

They met on set, immediately fell in love, and got engaged, but according to some of Aaron's fans, they think Sam trapped Aaron. 

He was in the starting phase of his career, so they think she pressured him to be with her by luring him into an acting career. 

Aaron's fan was worried about him, and their doubt about Sam increased when she got pregnant just a year after they dated. 

A woman named Madelyn Deway explained why people should be worried about Aaron in an intriguing op-ed. 

She mentioned that Aaron married Sam because Sam got pregnant with his child.

Aaron Faint On Set 

Aaron played in the movie titled Bullet Train in 2022. Brad Pitt was also in that movie. 

In one of the interviews with Variety, he opened up about how he fainted and was injured while shooting for the Bullet Train movie.

Aaron was on a keto diet when he was shooting the movie. 

His keto diet caused low blood pressure in him as he didn't get enough nutrition from the Keto diet

He followed the Keto diet because he had to look thin for his role-play. 

He and his co-star Brad were shooting a fight scene, and he collapsed suddenly because of low BP. 

When he fainted, he hit his hand on the sharp point of the corner. 

When he returned to his senses, he rushed to the hospital, got his wound stitched, and stayed in the hospital for a night.

Aaron's Wife Wrote His Sex Scene

Aaron and his wife Sam wrote a movie named "A Million Little Pieces," and Aaron was an actor. 

Sam also directed the movie. The movie had a juicy and fruity sex scene in one part, and as Sam wrote it, she knew it was coming. 

The sex scene between Aaron and his co-actress was in the shower naked. 

Although Sam knew about the scene, she felt awkward while shooting as it was his husband. 

Also, the schedule for the shooting was on Valentine’s Day. So the scenario was more awkward. 

Sam turned into her assistant director and said it was not a great Valentine's Day.

Aaron Got A Job Because Of Jim Sturgis 

Aaron had never got a role in a leading position without any audition until he played the movie, Savages. 

The movie featured Aaron as the lead character, and he was cast because the director mistook him for someone else. 

In his interview, he revealed that the movie director always thought he played a role in the movie 21

But the reality was Jim Sturgis was the one who played in 21. 

The director praised Aaron for his performance in that movie in front of many, and he accepted the praise. 

But the truth was, he never played that movie. He never told this to anyone except in the interview with Stephen Colbert.

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