Who Is Ron Gisondo? Father Of Skyler Gisondo

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Who Is Ron Gisondo? Father Of Skyler Gisondo

Ron Gisondo is the father of actor Skyler Gisondo. He is married to Stacey Gisondo

He and his wife are ocean engineers by profession. His parents were Italian-American.

Family of Ron Gisondo.
Family of Ron Gisondo. Source: Instagram

Is Skyler Dating Anyone?

Skyler is in a relationship with Aru Haagen. The rumors of them seeing each other got into the public eye back in 2018

His girlfriend is a Beauty Counter skincare specialist

They are very public about their relationship and express their love for one another through their social media. 

Skyler Gisondo with his girlfriend.
Skyler Gisondo with his girlfriend. Source: Instagram


His son, Skyler, is 27 years old

Net Worth

His son's net worth is estimated to be $3 million. He has managed to earn this fortune from his career as an actor.

Skyler Shared How He Got Attracted To Do The Series The Resort

Skyler played the role of Sam Lawford in a dark comedy television series, The Resort

He said he was a huge fan of Andy Siara, the movie's writer and another cast member involved in the series. 

He shared he had seen a number of Andy's work and loved his work every time. 

When Andy sent him the outline of the season's themes and how he would plan and explore the series, he was excited to be part of the project. 

He said he was aware of the series genre, but when he started shooting for the show, he got to know more, and everything made sense to him. 

He mentioned the location was enormous in scale. 

He said on the surface, it seemed it was a comedy with a bit of emotion, but after they got into their location, everything started to make sense regarding the mystery and thriller element. 

He added that even though they had fun elements in their show, and they stuck with the show's plot, making comedy easier as there were always emotions going through it. 

He said everything was organically funny, and he gave all the credit to Andy for that. 

He added he had never been a part of something like this before.

Skyler Talked About His Character In The Movie Vacation

Skyler played the role of James Griswold in the 2015 road comedy film Vacation

He said his character used to be bullied on an emotional and physical Level by the character Kevin Griswold, who Steele Stebbins played. 

He shared that the dynamics shifted over time in the movie, and his character realized that he was twice the size of his bully and didn’t have to be beaten up every day. 

He said his character is very compassionate and could not hurt someone. 

He shared that James tried to bully Kevin, but he couldn’t, as it didn’t come naturally to him. 

He said his character was the socially awkward person who never had a single conversation with a girl in his entire life and was nerdy with a stack of journalists in his room. 

Skyler Shared One Of His Family Stories

Skyler shared that when he was young, he used to terrorize his older sisters and his entire family. 

He shared that when he was five years old, they went boating, and his father and sisters were diving under the water, and he was with his mother on the boat. 

He had a sandwich and threw pieces of it into the water. After some time, there was an array of fish around him in the water, and he thought it was his aquarium. 

His mom stopped him from throwing his sandwich, but after he left, he again threw meat from his sandwich, and all types of fish started coming, including sharks. 

His father and sisters immediately came to the surface. 

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