Ron MacFarlane- Truth About Seth MacFarlane Father

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Ron MacFarlane- Truth About Seth MacFarlane Father

Ron MacFarlane is the father of Seth MacFarlane, an American actor, screenwriter, producer, director and singer. 

Ron’s full name is Ronald Milton MacFarlane. He was married to Ann Perry, who died from cancer

Ron and Ann have a daughter and a son named Rachael and Seth. Ron is an American citizen. He was born in Newburyport, Massachusetts

Ron is a married man, and his beautiful wife’s name is Xiao Xiang.

Ron MacFarlane with his wife, Xiao Xiang
Ron MacFarlane with his wife, Xiao Xiang  Source: Instagram

The Relationship Status Of Seth MacFarlane

Seth was in a relationship with Nicole Sullivan, an actress. They dated each other for two years. After that, they ended their relationship. 

In 2006 Seth started dating Jessica Barth, who is an actress. They got separated after dating for a couple of months. 

They broke in the same year, that is in 2006. After that, he was with Camille Guaty.

They dated for a year and got separated. He then dated Kat Foster for a year.

Later Seth dated Eliza Dushku. It was confirmed that they ended in the same year they dated. 

Seth also dated Amanda Bynes. Their relationship also didn’t last long. Seth also dated Kate Todd for a year. 

Seth dated Trisha Cummings for two years. After that, in 2012, he got into a relationship with Emily Clarke

They both dated each other for a year. They were also caught hanging out many times. 

Currently, Seth is dating Halston Sage, an actress. Halston is 20 years junior to him. They both started dating in 2018

At that time, they were caught hanging out with each other on a dinner date. 

They are very happy together. They will soon be getting married if they feel compatible with each other. 

About Seth MacFarlane

Seth’s full name is Seth Woodbury MacFarlane is an American actor, director, producer, and singer born on 26 October 1973.

Seth is the son of Ronald Milton and late Ann Perry. His parents raised Seth with his sister. 

He is popular for his comedy and animation work. He has also appeared in many movies and has also wrote and directed few. 

He is famous for his movies Ted2, Tooth Fairy, and Logan Lucky. He has also won many awards for movies. 

Currently, he is living in Beverly Hills, California.

Seth’s Parents Allowed Him To Do Drugs 

Seth gave an interview to “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” where he talked about his parents and told how cool his parents are. 

Jimmy started the interview asking Seth about his dad. His dad was once invited to the The Tonight Show when it was hosted by Johnny Carson

Seth said that his dad would have been in the show but sadly his dad didn’t go to show. 

His dad was right there in the interview with him and his dad

Jimmy welcomed Seth’s dad and asked him if his dad was strict or not. Seth told that his parents were not strict at all and he didn’t grow up in strict and restricted environment. 

He said that his mom and dad were very cool and he also recalled the memory when his parents told him that he can use drug but the condition was he has to do in the house in front of his parents. 

He was allowed to do whatever he wants but he had to do in his own house in front of his parents. Seth thinks that it was actually his parents trick so that he doesn’t get involve in those bad influence.  

Because of that he didn’t smoke till he was 28 years old. Seth then opened up about getting high with his parents on Thanksgiving. 

His sister brought weed and he and his parents smoked weed and got high together. Seth said that his dad is a great singer and the singing talent in him has inherited from his dad. 


Seth was born on 27 March 1946. His current age is 75 years old.

Net Worth

Seth’s net worth is $300 Million. His source of income comes from being a professional director, actor, producer and screenwriter.

He is also well known for his comedies.

Ron MacFarlane's son Seth MacFarlane
Ron MacFarlane's son Seth MacFarlane  Source: Instagram

Seth Got Into Controversy For His Joke

The famous director and producer Seth was dragged into controversy for his joke. 

Seth had hosted Oscar award in the past. Five years ago, Seth hosted The Oscar show when he jokingly said something about Harvey Weinstein, who is well known as Oscar king. 

His joke on Weinstein got him into a problem as his joke came up with another meaning. 

He was blamed that his joke was not less than harassment and assault. This was not the first time he had been pointed for these jokes. 

Whenever he hosts The Oscar show, he always cracks many jokes, among which some turn to be racist or harassment

But that time he broke the limit. He was then not allowed to host the Oscar.

Drinking Saved Seth MacFarlane Life

Seth, in 2011 was giving a speech in his former college. After the speech was over, he partied there and was drunk eventually. 

He had to get back to New York after the speech, but as he was drunk, he couldn’t. 

His travel manager had booked a plane for him, but he was 10 minutes late for the flight. 

He when reached the counter, the plane had already left. He then stayed in a passenger seat and fell asleep there. 

He booked flight for next day before falling asleep. He then woke up after 45 minutes due to a disturbance at the airport. 

Just after he woke up, he saw the news of a plane crash on television. It was the 9/11 incident of a suicidal plane crash. 

He then heard that it was the same plane he had missed an hour ago. 

He was shocked and told this to the guy next to him. Him getting drunk, and arriving late at the airport saved his life.

Ron MacFarlane with his daughter
Ron MacFarlane with his daughter  Source: Pinterest

Seth’s Co-star Died

Seth expressed his sadness towards his senior actress and his costar Lisa Banes

Lisa fell into a scooter accident when she was crossing the road. She was badly injured and was hit on her head. 

She after a month of treatment died. Seth had worked with Lisa and knew how positive, inspiring and supporting she was. 

They worked together in “The Orville.” She was a great actress and a great person, according to Seth

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