Ron Rousey- Why Ronda Rousey Father Committed Suicide?

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Ron Rousey- Why Ronda Rousey Father Committed Suicide?

Ron Rousey is the late father of American actress, wrestler and mixed retired martial artist Ronda Rousey. 

He was married to AnnMaria De Mars. He had two daughters with AnnMaria

He was born in Marinette, Wisconsin, in the U.S. He was American

Ron Rousey daughter and wife
Ron Rousey daughter and wife  Source: Instagram

Relationship Status Of Ronda Rousey

Back in time, Ronda dated Brendan Schaub for a certain time. They have known each other since the time they joined UFC.

They had an affair when they were in UFC. Ronda hasn't opened up to Rousey about their relationship.

After ending her relationship with Brenden, she dated Travis Brown. Travis is also one of the fighters in UFC.

The audience started to gossip about them having an affair when they saw them posting a picture of them together. 

They proved that rumor was true in 2015 after Ronda's partner officially revealed their relationship. 

After two years of their revelation, they got engaged and married in the same year. 

As of 2021, they are still together, happily living with their daughter, La'akea Makalapuaokalanipo Browne, born in 2021

Ronda with her husband, Travis
Ronda with her husband, Travis  Source: Instagram

About Ronda Rousey 

Ronda's full name is Ronda Jean Rousey, a professional wrestler, actress and retired mixed martial artist born on February 1, 1987

She was born to her parents, Anna Maria and Ron Rousey. They raised her with her sister. 

She is well known for being one of the strongest fighters and winner of UFC. 

She rose to fame after she showed her appearance in wrestle mania. She started playing Judo when she was young. 

She is the first woman to win to judo championship. She has managed to get the attention of many audiences through her skills. 

As of now, she is happily living with her daughter and husband. 

Ron Committed Suicide

Ron committed suicide when he was 54 years old. 

He had an accident while sledding. After that accident, there was a chance that he might have had paraplegia.

After knowing that, he committed suicide and left the world. He suffered from depression after that horrible accident. 

At that time, his daughter was eight years old.

Family of Ron Rousey
Family of Ron Rousey  Source: Instagram

Ronda's Teeth Are Unbreakable

Ronda Rousey gave an interview on The Late Night Show with Stephen Colbert where she talked about her character play in a video game and how she broke her hand. 

Ronda showed up in the interview with a leather catsuit, and the interviewer said that not many people wear catsuits while coming to the interview. 

Ronda then opened up about how she hurt her hand. She had her hand castes and was told that she got it hurt in wrestle mania. In WWE, she teased her opponent, threw a table at them, and started punching them. 

She then realized that she had hurt her hand and got to cast. She said that she is really bad at faking. She planned to throw the table, but others didn't know that. 

Ronda started fighting when she was young. She had her first Judo Tournament on her 11th birthday

As Ronda fights so much, the interviewer wanted to know how she maintains her teeth. 

Ronda said her dentists told her that she had the deepest roots the dentist had ever seen, and her teeth won't break easily. 

Ronda said that she gets praised for having the nicest incisors, and she said that she got those naturally without using braces.

Ronda has a character played in the video game Mortal Combat, and she plays the character Sonya Blade.

Growing up, she always wanted to like Sonya Blade. She wanted to be the strongest woman like Sonya. Playing Sonya, she has to make effort noises when she gets beaten up. 


He was born on June 11, 1941, in the United States. He died at the age of 54 years old.

Net Worth 

The net worth of Ronda is $13 Million. Her source of income comes from being a wrestler and actress. 

Ronda Left WWE Due To An Injury

Ronda is one of the deadliest wrestlers in WWE. She is also a UFC champion and brilliant at what she does. 

She works hard every day, which is the reason for her success. Being in a physical fighting field makes it obvious to get hurt and injured. 

Ronda also got injured many times. She broke her back during a game in wrestling and was seriously injured.

She was so seriously injured that she had to go through various treatments. 

She took time to recover and took a long gap from the WWE. Even though she had healed, it wasn't easy for her to travel for work. 

Hence she didn't return to WWE. Rumors say she won't return to the field while her fans expect her presence. 

Ronda Rousey Broke Her Jaw In A Fight

In 2016, Rousey fought with Holly Holm. They were both tough competitors, and the fight was worth watching for everybody. 

Holm kicked in her jaw of Rousey during the match, and the rumor was spread that her jaw was fractured. 

But the rumor was false. She was hurt in her jaw, and her teeth were damaged. She was not able to eat any solid substance for six months.

Ronda Finished Her Project Even After The Injury

Due to her name and fame, Ronda got a chance to work on a series named 9-1-1. 

She went to her shoot for the first time, and she, unfortunately, suffered an injury. 

A boat door slammed on her finger, and her finger was broken. 

She was from martial art background; hence she knew to control her pain and suffering. 

Hence she continued and finished her work. She was then rushed to the hospital. Plates and fingers were attached to her finger. 

Ronda almost lost her finger in that incident.

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