Ronnie Shacklett- Who Is Brenda Lee Husband

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Ronnie Shacklett- Who Is Brenda Lee Husband

Ronnie Shacklett is the husband of American singer Brenda Lee. Ronnie is a former businessman. 

He is an American citizen by his nationality.

Marriage And Children

Ronnie is currently married to his wife Brenda. The couple met in 1962, and shortly after knowing each other, they fell in love and started dating. 

They dated each other for six months, and they got hitched.

Ronnie and Brenda were only 18 years old when they tied the knot, and because of their quick decision about marriage, there is news of Brenda’s parents not attending the wedding.

However, none of them ever spoke on the matter, so it’s unclear if it’s true or not. 

The couple shares two daughters, Jolie and Julie, together. They have been married for over five decades and live happily in Nashville. 

Ronnie Shacklett and his wife, Brenda Lee.
Ronnie Shacklett and his wife, Brenda Lee. Source: Hollywood Life

About Ronnie’s Wife Brenda 

Brenda is a professional retired singer. She is well known for her hit song ‘Rockin Around The Christmas Tree.’ 

She was born in 1944 to her parents, Annie Grayce Yarbrough and Ruben Tarpley. 

She has her birthday on December 11. 

Ronnie Shacklett's wife, Brenda Lee.
Ronnie Shacklett's wife, Brenda Lee. Source: Instagram

Age And Net Worth 

Brenda is 79 years old. She has a net worth of $20 Million. Her source of income was singing. 

Brenda Feels Lucky To Have Her Husband

Brenda and her husband, Ronnie, live a long, healthy marriage. 

The couple has been in love since they were 18 and are very supportive. 

Brenda opened up that she feels fortunate to have a life partner like her husband, and her husband was the one who made her retirement easy. 

Brenda’s husband told her to continue her singing career as much as she wanted. 

However, he also said to her that if there comes a day when she doesn’t feel like singing, she could stop and retire. 

He assured her of financial security as he had already saved enough money for their future, and after hearing that from her husband, she decided to stop her music career.

Brenda Helped Her Family Financially

Brenda is a highly talented singer. She started singing very young, and her talent made her famous as a child. 

When she was three years old, she could sing and recognize the melodies of the songs after hearing them two times. 

She came from a loving family and had a great life. However, things changed when her dad died when she was six years old.

After her father’s death, her family started suffering financially. Her mom had to work long hours doing physical work, so she thought of making things easier for her family. 

She started singing at the games and gatherings and started earning little money. 

When Brenda realized that her singing could help her earn money, she got into music even more and made a career out of it.

Brenda Was Not Allowed To Date

Brenda earned fame with her hit song ‘Rockin Around The Christmas Tree’ when she was only 13. 

Despite being famous at such a young age, she had no dating history until she was 18, and it was all because of her mother. 

It was known that Brenda’s mother forbade her from dating through her school and high school days, so she never got to experience a romantic life before she was 18. 

She didn’t have to experience any heartbreak thing during her college days. 

After she turned 18, she started dating Ronnie, married him, and has been with him since then. 

Brenda Didn’t Know Her Song Was Hit

Brenda talked about her holiday hit song ‘Rockin Around The Christmas Tree’ and said she didn’t know that her song was a hit. 

When she made the song, she thought it was a good Christmas song, so she recorded it, but nothing happened. 

But later, her song was in the well-known holiday movie Home Alone, and it blew up the charts. 

She hadn’t watched the movie and was unaware until she got a call from her friend. 

She was sitting at her house when her friend called and told her about her song being in the movie and taking over the charts.

So, the movie Home Alone is what fueled her songs and made them famous and hit. 

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