Who Is Rosa Beza? Mother Of Sunny Hostin

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Who Is Rosa Beza? Mother Of Sunny Hostin

Rosa Beza is the mother of lawyer, journalist, and television host Sunny Hostin who is currently a co-host on ABC's morning talk show 'The View.' 

She has a Puerto Rican heritage. Her husband is William Cummings, who is African American

Rosa Beza's daughter and husband.
Rosa Beza's daughter and husband. Source: Instagram

Daughter's Married Life

Sunny is happily married to Emmanuel Hostin. They tied the knot in 1998. Her husband is an orthopedic surgeon by profession. 

She met her husband at Church. They dated for two years before getting married. They are parents of two children, Gabriel and Paloma.

Rosa Beza's daughter and grandchildren.
Rosa Beza's daughter and grandchildren. Source: Instagram


Her daughter Sunny is 54 years old. 

Net Worth

Her daughter Sunny's net worth is estimated to be $3 million.

Sunny Reacts To Meghan McCain Negative Remark About The View

Meghan criticized the show The View, which Sunny co-hosts on ABC

She wrote that the show kept on getting worse and added the work environment was toxic in her column. 

In an interview, Sunny was asked about Megan's column, and she said she had not read the column but had heard a lot about it. 

Meghan said the show has been great, and the rating of the show is also really good. 

Sunny Opened Up About Her Plastic Surgery Journey

Sunny shared that she faced many body image issues when she was 16 years old

She shared that her chest was huge and never thought it would grow. 

She revealed for many years; she wore a sports bra, minimizer, and binder all at once so that her clothes would fit her and she would feel comfortable. 

She added she started getting back pain. She asked one of her colleagues about her plan to do breast reduction surgery. 

Rosa Beza with her daughter, Sunny Hostin.
Rosa Beza with her daughter, Sunny Hostin. Source: Instagram

Her colleague said she would die from anesthesia, so she decided not to do that. 

Two years later, when he was invited to the white house correspondent dinner, her bra didn’t fit her, and she cried. 

She asked a person to tape her boobs so that she could attend the event. After that, she booked an appointment with a surgeon in New York

She shared that her husband was not on board with her decision because he loved her body the way it was. 

She said she was not waiting for her husband's permission. She just informed him about it and hired a private nurse to care for her. 

When she went to the doctor, she recommended liposuction in some parts of her body. 

She agreed to do that all. She revealed it cost her over $30,000, which she had saved up for two years. 

She said her surgery went for five hours, and she went from G cup to C cup. 

She wanted a B cup, but her doctor didn’t recommend doing that. She also did her chin.

Sunny Named Her Girl Group The Machetes

Sunny has a bunch of girlfriends, and she calls her gang Machetes

Sunny shared her grandmother is a Puerto Rican, so she used to keep her machete above her couch and a machete at her house. 

She said it was her family affair. 

She shared that one day, her grandmother took the machete and waved it around, threatening the person not to show up around her house or family members.

She shared that story with her girlfriends, and they loved it and said that she would also take their machete out on somebody who messes with them. 

That's why they came up with the name The Machete. All her friends are bold, brave, and successful in their fields. 

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