Who Is Rose Cornish? Mother Of Jessie J

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Who Is Rose Cornish? Mother Of Jessie J

Rose Cornish is the mother of Jessica Ellen Cornish, who is professionally known as Jessie J. Jessie is an English singer-songwriter.

Her husband's name is Stephen Cornish.

She is the mother of three daughters named Hannah Cornish, Rachel Cornish, and Jessie.

Among them, Jessie is the youngest daughter.

She is a kindergarten teacher by profession, while her husband is a social worker.

She follows Christianity.

Rose Cornish's husband, Stephen Cornish.
Rose Cornish's husband, Stephen Cornish. Source: Pinterest

Past Relationship Of Jessie

Jessie is an unmarried woman, and currently, she is single.

Her latest relationship was with Max Pham Nguyen, a dancer by profession who has assisted famous personalities. 

But the couple broke up. She had an affair with US singer Luke James

She was also alleged of dating bodyguard Kenny Hamilton. Jessie dated an American actor Channing Tatum

Among all her past relationships, the relationship with Channing was the most highlighted topic. 

The couple began dating each other since Channing separated from his wife.

Jessie and Channing broke up and reconcile again frequently. 

But sadly, things did not work out between them, and they separated in 2020.

Rose Cornish's daughter, Jessie J.
Rose Cornish's daughter, Jessie J. Source: Instagram


Her daughter is 34 years old. Her height is 1.75m. 

Net Worth

The net worth of Jessie is $30 million. She earns through her professional singing and songwriting career.

Jessie's Updates About Health Issue

The famous singer and songwriter suffer from a serious illness.

Jessie suffers from Meniere disease. It is the condition in which one's ear gets affected that causes dizziness, loss of hearing, and ringing of sound in the ear. 

In this disease, the inner ear is mainly affected. She updated her fans about this through Instagram.

She also had the signs and symptoms of Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome, due to which she suffered from a stroke when she was just 17 years old.

Besides this, she also won't be able to have children naturally, as recommended by a doctor. 

She had surgery on her uterus, but she did not want to remove it as she was hopeful that someday she might give birth naturally.

Jessie Suffers From Miscarriage

Jessie lost her unborn child.

She was the happiest one when she got to know about her pregnancy and ever shared this news with her fans through a post on Instagram.

But her happiness lasted no longer as she lost her baby. She realized her miscarriage when she went for her third scan.

Awards And Achievements 

Jessie is one a successful singer and a songwriter.

She has won various awards like the Powerhouse award critics award.

She has also won the award for the best newcomer, best female artist, UK Solo Artist, Editors Choice, and Woman Of Tomorrow.

She won the Bang Bang award, in which she collaborated with Nicki Minaj and Ariana Grande.

Besides this also, she has won several awards.

Why Did Jessie Went Bald?

Jessie trimmed all of her hair on live TV for the 25th annual Comic Relief fundraiser.

She went bald in order to raise money for the needy one.

Her efforts were appreciated by many well-known celebrities.

Her active participation in the 25th annual Comic Relief fundraiser inspired many celebrities.

So even they played a part in raising the fund in huge amount.

Is Jessie Bisexual?

Jessie, who is a winner of various awards through her professional singing and songwriting career, talks about bisexuality.

Although the singer is straight, she once said that she was bisexual.

Later on, she considered it a phase.

She clarified it through a post on Twitter. The post was “I fancy/date/love men and only men.”

Many people criticized her for calling bisexuality a phase.

Although she clarified herself as straight, she has respect for gay, lesbian, or transgender.

After this, the topic related to this became highlighted, irking English singer and songwriter Jessie

She wanted to stop talking about this and find herself a husband as this news was spreading like a fire.

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