Who Is Rose Madden? Ex-Wife Of Zach Bryan

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Who Is Rose Madden? Ex-Wife Of Zach Bryan

Rose Madden is the ex-wife of Zach Bryan, an American country music singer. Her real name is Elisabeth Rose Madden.  

She was born in Lancaster, Ohio, United States

More About Rose

Rose's mother's name is Michelle Madden, and her brother is Michael IcanDothat Stene

She graduated from Lancaster High School in Ohio. After that, she attended Arizona State University in Tempe, Arizona

She studied engineering. She joined the US Navy as a naval aviator in 2018

She was also a ground safety petty officer. Rose served in the Navy for four years. She left the Navy in 2022.

Her Marriage Didn't Last Long

Rose married her then-husband, Zach Bryan, in 2020. Their wedding ceremony was lavish. They took their wedding vows in front of family and friends. 

Zach announced their marriage on Twitter.

Rose and Zach met in the Navy. They dated for a short time and got married in July 2020

Unfortunately, their marriage didn’t end well. They separated after one year. Their divorce was finalized in 2021.

Rose Madden with her ex-husband, Zach Bryan.
Rose Madden with her ex-husband, Zach Bryan. Source: Pinterest


Rose was born on June 6. She might be 25 years old as of 2023.

Net worth

Her ex-spouse, Zach's net worth is about $1 million.

Zach's Tough Time In The Navy Influenced His Writing 

Zach is a Navy veteran who gained attention for his influential folk, rock, and country songs on platforms like Twitter and YouTube while still in the Navy.

His major label debut, American Heartbreak, was released last year and quickly reached No. 5 on the Billboard album chart. Despite his rising fame, Zach remains grounded and is not driven by celebrity. 

After a motorcycle accident that left him with injuries, including a scraped forehead and a gashed arm, Zach reflected on the contrast between the beautiful moments in life and the challenges. 

This experience influenced his songwriting, leading to the creation of an EP called Summertime Blues

His parents divorced when he was young. 

He enlisted in the Navy at 17, and the death of his mother in 2016 had a significant impact on his songwriting and deepening his exploration of life’s darker aspects. 

Zach learned how to handle challenging situations and stay calm. 

His time in the Navy influenced his music. 

The things he went through in the military life comes out in the songs he writes, and many people connect with them. 

Rose Madden's ex-husband, Zach Bryan.
Rose Madden's ex-husband, Zach Bryan. Source: Instagram

Zach Became Famous While He Was In The Navy

Zach Bryan didn’t expect to become famous for his music. 

While in the military, he started making songs and posted them on Twitter

They unexpectedly became trendy, and record labels noticed him. It surprised him; fame was overwhelming, but he kept making music. 

He also talked about trying to become a Navy SEAL trainer for two years, but he had to stop when his mom died. 

After that, he worked in Washington and went to Bahrain to learn about missiles. 

He likes Bahrain’s simple life compared to his complex job.  His job was putting together and loading cluster bombs. 

His boss worried about him quitting, but his friend convinced him to leave the Navy and follow his musician dream. 

After leaving, he hopped on a tour bus and performed at a pageant in St. Louis

Unlike most musicians who start small and work up, Zach was already known when he left the Navy, so his music journey was slightly different. 

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