Who Is Roseli Miranda de Paula? Mother Of Fred

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Who Is Roseli Miranda de Paula? Mother Of Fred

Roseli Miranda de Paula is the mother of Brazilian football player Fred. 

She's married to Delson Rodrigues dos Santos. She is a Brazilian citizen. 

Roseli Miranda de Paula with her son, Fred.
Roseli Miranda de Paula with her son, Fred. Source: Instagram

Roseli's Connection With Her Son 

Roseli and her son Fred are very close to each other. Not only to her son but also to her daughter-in-law and grandson.

Roseli is active on Instagram and goes by the username @roselimiranda17. 

She has shared pictures with her son, grandson, and daughter-in-law. 

Her son also doesn't miss showing his love to Roseli as he posts his mom's photos wishing mother's day, birthdays, and many more. 

He even captioned it appreciating his mom and how lucky he feels to have a wonderful mother like her. 

He is also very proud that his son has a grandmother like Roseli.

About Roseli's Son Fred 

Fred is a well-known Brazilian footballer who currently plays for Manchester United FC

He is currently playing in the national team of Brazil in FIFA World Cup 2022.

His parents raised him in the State of Minas Gerais, Brazil

Married Life Of Fred 

He is married to his wife, Monique Salum. The couple has been married to each other since 2018

He met Monique in 2016, and they started dating after some time. 

After dating each other for two years, he proposed to Monique, and she accepted the proposal. 

In that same year, they tied the knot. As of 2022, they are parents to one son named Benjamin. 

Family of Fred.
Family of Fred. Source: Instagram

Age And Net Worth 

Roseli's age and net worth are unknown. Her son Fred is 29 years old and has a net worth of $12 Million

Fred Was Banned From Playing By FIFA

FIFA’s FA manages the overall fairness and justice in the football world. 

And on doing so, FIFA found out Fred was guilty of an act that was not allowed in football and was banned for four months. 

He was playing in Copa America in Chile when he tested positive for doping. 

Diuretic hydrochlorothiazide was found within the player’s body, so he was banned from playing. 

While the results were not out, he had played many matches before the result came out. 

Although he cannot play in league matches and other major matches, he could participate in friendly games and training.

Fred Spokes Against Racism 

Fred believes that racism needs to vanish from the world; hence, with his team Manchester United, he has been in the movement against racism. 

He and his teammate demonstrated the no racism movement by bowing their knees before the match. 

He has been up against racism individually, believing it was the perfect time to speak against this matter as unity. 

He had faced racism in the past with multiple threats and racial comments. 

Going through everything on his own, he knows it doesn’t feel good and is in no way right. 

As the whole team is united to speak against the matter, he believes there will be at least some impact. 

Also, because many fans support the cause, he is positive about it.

Fred Gave Manchester United A Mini Heart Attack

Fred was about to be transfered to Manchester United in 2018

The deal was in its final state, and he was ready to train with his new club. But he went on international duty for a friendly match. 

While training for the match, he was tackled by Casemiro and fell to the ground. 

He was in pain and couldn’t stand up. He was carried to the sidelines, and further treatment was done. 

It was found that he has some difficulty with his ankle. Listening to this news, Manchester United had a mini heart attack. 

They were worried about the player as their new signing might be unavailable after the transfer. 

Doctors revealed that he would be treated further to see how bad his injury was. But later he recovered.

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