Who Is Rosemary Kirkcaldy? Wife Of Joss Ackland

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Who Is Rosemary Kirkcaldy? Wife Of Joss Ackland

Rosemary Kirkcaldy is the late wife of Joss Ackland, an actor. They were married for five decades and separated only after the death of Rosemary.

She died in 2002 due to motor neuron disease. They were the parents of seven children.

Rosemary Kirkcaldy with her husband, Joss Ackland.
Rosemary Kirkcaldy with her husband, Joss Ackland. Source: Pinterest

Husband Died At The Age Of 95

Rosemary's husband, Joss, died at the age of 95.

Joss is a respected British actor who passed away at the age of 95

He had a remarkable career spanning several decades. 

He was known for his roles in over 100 films, TV plays, and stage productions. 

Some highlights include playing Falstaff in the opening Royal Shakespeare Company production of Henry IV in 1982 and roles in movies like “White Mischief(1987) and Lethal Weapon 2 in 1989

Joss was born in 1929 in North London. He faced challenges early in his career but eventually gained recognition. 

He worked with prominent theatre companies like the Old Vic and the Royal Shakespeare Company

Despite his success, he was considered a problematic actor because he didn’t always like to try new things or modern ways of doing things. 

He preferred sticking to more traditional approaches. 

He faced personal problems, including a fire at his home in 1963 and the loss of his son Paul in 1982

Joss continued to contribute to the entertainment industry. He received a CBE in 2001. 

Joss has one son and five daughters. 

Family of Rosemary Kirkcaldy.
Family of Rosemary Kirkcaldy. Source: Pinterest

Joss's Love Letter To His Wife, Rosemary Kirkcaldy

Joss wrote a letter to his wife, Rosemary, in 1951

In the letter, he talked about how much he loved her and found her incredibly beautiful, comparing her to the moon and stars. 

Despite feeling a bit down and tense about their situation where they must stay together for five months before her fiance married. 

He admired Rosemary’s independence and spirit. 

He expressed his hope that their time together will be good for both of them, even though he struggles with guilt and lacks self-confidence. 

The letter was full of Joss’s deep affection for Rosemary and his wish for her happiness and success. 


Rosemary was born in 1929. She died in 2002. She died at the age of 73.

Net Worth

Rosemary's husband Joss's net worth is about 20 million dollars

Rosemary's Death Affected Joss A Lot

Joss was a famous actor who acted alongside favorite stars like Alec Baldwin and Sean Connery in movies such as The Hunt for Red October

He was known for his acting and large family, with seven children, 34 grandchildren, and 30 great-grandchildren.

Joss and his wife Rosemary faced challenges, including a house fire 1963

Rosemary was pregnant when the fire broke down, but she bravely saved their children, and sadly, she broke her back.  

Despite being told she might now walk again, she gave birth and recovered after 18 months

Tragically, their eldest son, Paul, died of a heroin overdose in 1982

Joss temporarily paused his career in the 1950s while traveling with Rosemary to work on a tea plantation in Malawi and later in South Africa, where they faced challenges due to apartheid. 

Despite his fame, Joss remained dedicated to his family. 

Their kids are Paul, Penelope, Samantha, Melanie, Toby, and Kirsty Ackland

His biography highlighted his love for Rosemary, describing her as his longest-running mate. 

Rosemary battled motor neuron disease, and after she died in 2002, Joss published her memoirs in 2010

He expressed that when she died, his part also died, and nothing remained in his life. 

Joss loved his spouse, which he often expressed in the media. 

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