Rowan Row

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Rowan Row

Rowan Row is a fitness model, fashion enthusiast, blogger and social media influencer. 

He is well known for his healthy lifestyle influencing videos on social media. He was born in London

He belongs to the Christian religion. His nationality is British

Relationship Status of Rowan Row

Rowan is also a social media star who likes to keep his love life private like many celebrities. 

He hasn't spoken about his love life publicly. However, it is confirmed that as of 2021, he is single and living his single life fully. 

Currently, he is focused on his career and paying all his attention to helping his fans with his healthy lifestyle videos. 

His past relationships are also still under review.

Rowan with his friend
Rowan with his friend  Source: Instagram 

About Rowan Row

Rowan was born on 17 February 1989 and raised in England. He is well known for the lifestyles tips that he shares on his social media. 

As a YouTuber, he started blogging in the year 2010. He used to share his fitness tips and fashion tips on his channel. 

He is the one who changed many lives through his health lifestyles videos. 

He has many audiences and has gained a lot of popularity on social media. 

His fan following is increasing day by day as his contents are inspiring and helpful to the audience. 

Rowan's fashion photoshoot
Rowan's fashion photoshoot  Source: Instagram 

Age, Height, And Weight 

He is 32 years old. His weight and height are 69 kg and six feet, respectively.

Net Worth

The net worth of Rowan is $3 Million.

His source of income is fitness model, fashion enthusiast, blogger and social media influencer. 

The average income of influencers is $2,970 per month

Rowan Row Hit By A Car

Rowan is one of the biggest fitness influencers in the current time. 

With more than 1.5 million followers on Instagram and YouTube, he is influencing many people in the field of fitness. 

He teaches people about the correct way to build one's body. Hence he takes care of his health and fitness as well. 

He goes cycling quite often and enjoys it. It was bad news for his followers as when he was cycling, he was hit by a car. 

He was going for regular cycling and suddenly got hit by a car and was injured. He informed his fans of his tweet. 

He was not seriously injured; hence he recovered quite fast and got back to his business as possible. 

Rowan Row Is Building A Website

Rowan is doing great in his influencing career and has gained a lot of name and fame for himself. 

Being in the fashion and bodybuilding industry, he has influenced many people. 

He always helps people with their fitness problems and gives them solutions to do better. 

He regularly uploads many helpful fitness videos on his YouTube channel and teaches proper fitness lessons to people. 

He is not just staying within YouTube but is expanding his influencing career in a website. 

The website is to help people directly with their problems and provide them with handy solutions.

Rowan Row Takes His Photo

Rowan is one of the biggest and famous fitness and fashion influencer. He is also a famous model

He has a lot of followers on his Instagram, and he frequently posts pictures on his social media, which are of high quality and great content. 

He said that before he came up as a famous model, he used to take his photo with the help of a tripod and a remote, but he needed quality content. 

Hence he has his own set of qualitative equipment. 

Not only that, he has many photographer and content creator friends that are great at photography stuff. 

Hence he takes help from them, which results in his qualitative content and photography.

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