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Roy Hazell is the father of English model, actress and singer, Keeley Hazell. 

He resides in London, England.

Lovers And Romance In Keeley's Life

Even though Keeley is British, her career in the US has prompted her to date several Americans

Keeley revealed that she broke up with an American man after five years of the relationship as they had differences in what they wanted from each other in the future. 

She said that her then-boyfriend wanted to be a cowboy living on a ranch while Keeley wished to settle in her homeland, England

Keeley had also been rumored to be dating David Walliams and Steve Jones

Recently, she has been dating her co-star Jason Sudeikis. They were spotted by paparazzi leaving the actress's home in London at intervals.

Keeley was seen wearing the same hoodie that Jason wore when he accepted the Golden Globe Award

The pair seems to be dating casually without any serious commitments for now. 

Travel Lover Keeley

Keeley often posts pictures of her traveling all around the world on Instagram. Sometimes she is seen posing alone, while other times, her friends join her. 

She could not afford such luxury growing up, but her rise to fame has allowed her to bask in the sun wherever her heart desires.

Originally from the UK, Keeley has traveled to many countries like Greece, America, Mexico, Italy, etc. 

She especially seems to be fond of islands and beaches. She also likes vacationing at Hotels.

Roy Hazell daughter Keeley Hazell In Italy.
Roy Hazell daughter Keeley Hazell In Italy. Source: Instagram

Keeley's Start In The Showbiz

Keeley was working as a hairdresser at 16 after dropping out of school. 

Eventually, she started working as a model when she won The Daily Star's "Search for a Beach Babe" competition. 

Although the modeling gigs needed her to pose in a sexual nature, these jobs helped her to make enough money to attend Lee Strasberg Theater And Film Institute in the US for acting classes. 

Winning the modeling competition was the start of Keeley's career as a model, her small role in the film, Cashback (2006) was the beginning of her acting career. 

Soon after her first role, she was able to play a leading character in Venus and the Sun. She has also starred in movies and series like Horrible Bosses 2, Like Crazy, The Royals, Ted Lasso, and many more.

Keeley Faced Prejudice In Her Career

When the model turned actress, Keeley, went to the US in hopes of making it big, various prejudices shoved her down about her modeling past.

As she had been posing for photoshoots in Risque magazines since she was a teenager, the film's casting directors would snub her of the chance to work as an actress.

Likewise, a studio also rejected a series that she wrote simply because of her past.

She shared that the film industry did not consider how her modeling days do not affect her acting potential. 

Still, they rejected her solely for working as a topless model in the past while not knowing she did the job to make ends meet. 

However, Keeley has been able to break through all of these prejudices and make a living through her acting career.

Who Is Roy's Wife?

Roy is married to Amber Hazell. She used to work as a dinner lady while Roy earned a living through his job as a window fitter.

Together, the couple has a daughter named Keeley Hazell, who is a renowned entertainer. Sadly, Roy and Amber got divorced when Keeley was only 13 years old. 

Roy Hazell daughter Keeley Hazell And Wife Amber.
Roy Hazell daughter Keeley Hazell And Wife Amber. Source: Instagram

Net Worth

Roy Hazell's net worth is under review. His income is estimated to be $54094.22 on average per year. But, his daughter, Keeley, has a net worth of $5 million

His income is structured as shown below:

Minimum Income$43951.88
Maximum Income $90004.09

Age, Height, and Weight 

  1. Roy's age is not known.
  2. His height and weight are yet to be revealed.

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