Ruby Guest

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Ruby Guest

Ruby Guest is the adopted daughter of American actress and writer Jamie Lee Curtis. Her father's name is Christopher Guest, a screenwriter, director and actor. 

She has a sister Annie Guest. She is a gaming editor and entrepreneur. She is an American citizen.

Ruby with her mom
Ruby with her mom  Source: Facebook

Relationship Status Of Jamie Lee Curtis 

Jamie Lee was in a relationship with Adam Ant previously. They dated back in 1983 and later ended their relationship. 

After that, she dated J. Michael Riva in 1979. They stayed as a couple for five years and later ended their relationship with each other. 

Jamie briefly dated Johnny Lee Schell in 1977. They dated for only two years and then broke up. 

As of 2021, Jamie is in a relationship with Christopher Guest. They got married on December 18, 1984. They have two daughters. 

Jamie and Christopher have completed more than three decades of their relationship and still counting more. 

They are happily married and living together.

Ruby Guest parents
Ruby Guest parents  Source: Pinterest

About Jamie Lee Curtis 

Jamie Lee is a actress and writer born on November 22, 1958

Jamie was born to Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh and was raised in Santa Monica, California. 

She always thought to be an actress and pursued an acting career.  

She came from an acting background, her both parents were in acting. 

She played her first-ever movie in 1978, named Halloween. She is well known for her movie Terror Trains

Her best movies are My Girl, The Tailor of Panama and Knives Out

Jamie is one of the best actresses and has won many awards for her performances. She is married and has two children.

Jamie with a mug in her hand
Jamie with a mug in her hand  Source: Instagram 


She was born in March 1996, and her current age is 25 years old.

Net Worth 

The net worth of Jamie Lee is $60 Million. Her source of income is actress and writer

The average income of an actress is estimated at $218,000 per year.

Ruby Was A Boy Before

Ruby is well known for being the daughter of famous actress Jamie Curtis. She was adopted when she was too young. 

Her mom adopted her as a son. Before, Ruby was a boy, and her name was Thomas

In 2021 her mom revealed that he changed his male gender into a female. 

Her mom also proudly introduced her new name, i.e., Ruby, in front of the whole world. 

Many parents are ashamed to accept their third-gender children. 

But in the case of Ruby, her parents proudly accepted her for who he was and accepted her as their daughter, who was a son before. 

Ruby is a proud transgender person by her sexuality and planning to get married soon.

Jamie Lee Had A Car Accident

In 2013, actress Jamie Lee was taken to hospital by ambulance after a major car accident. 

Jamie was in the passenger seat in an SUV car and was going through Venice Road

There the SUV had a major collision with a BMW car. Jamie was in pain and was checked into the hospital. 

She didn't have any major injury and was all right after a few days of the race. But the driver of Jamie had a majorly injured. 

He was taken into the emergency ward and was in serious condition. 

He eventually recovered. It was a bad experience for Jamie, even though she was not majorly injured.

Jamie Stays Away From Social Media

In today's world, a maximum of the population are involved in social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat etc. 

Social media has been a platform for celebrities to express their thoughts, share their lifestyle, and promote brands among their audience. 

But for Jamie Lee, social media is not so necessary. 

Jamie herself stays away as much as possible from social media and calls it a cancer disease. 

She thinks that everything in social media is trash and a waste of time. She barely uses social media only to sell her products. 

Besides that, she thinks it is of no use. She thinks that it is an illness in today's era, spreading lots of negativity. 

She considers social media dangerous.

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