Ruth Ann – Tragedy Of Peter Oosterhuis Wife

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Ruth Ann – Tragedy Of Peter Oosterhuis Wife

Ruth Ann is known as the wife of Peter Oosterhuis. Peter was an English professional golfer and broadcaster. 

Peter passed away on May 5, 2024, at the age of 75, due to complications of Alzheimer's disease. 

Ruth said he took his last breath at a memory care facility. 

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Married life and children

Ruth Ann and Peter Oosterhuis exchanged wedding vows in 1993. They were together until Peter's demise. 

Ruth and Peter met after Peter went to California after becoming the director of golf at Riviera Country Club. Ruth was a member there. 

Ruth would often accompany her husband on tours. 

Peter accepted Golf Channel's offer to be a lead analyst on the condition that he gets to take his wife, Ruth, with him on his travels. 

Ruth is a mother to two boys named Bryon and Mathew Bos. 

Before Ruth, Peter was married to Ann Coney. They were blessed with two sons, Robert and Richard

Peter had four grandchildren, Peyton, Sutton, Turner, and Lachlan

Rob followed in his father's footsteps and is a professional golfer. Rob talked about how focused his father was on golf. 

He said when his father had an issue with the game, he really worked to sort it out. 

He further added that his father didn’t care about how many matches he won as he said winning would have been great, but he was proud of his record, and he didn’t feel a sense of loss. 

He wished everyone would leave everything on the course, field, court, or pitch and feel proud no matter the results. 

Rob also talked about the most important life lesson he learned from his father. He said his greatest takeaway from his father is his constant state of equanimity. 

He remembers his father telling him when he was eight or nine that one of his primary assets as an athlete was not his ability to hit the ball well or chip and putt but rather his penchant for getting into trouble on the course and never wavering in his emotion. 

His father clearly understood that this attribute was off-putting to his fellow competitors, who were looking for chinks in the armor on the mental front and could never find them. 

She announced her husband had Alzheimer's disease

In 2015, Ruth revealed to the world that her husband was suffering from Alzheimer's disease. 

She said making this devastating news public is the right thing to do cause when you don’t let others know you have Alzheimer's disease, it gets worse with time, and you get sicker with time. 

She said that it had been almost a year since they knew Peter had early-onset Alzheimer's disease, and as human beings, it took them a while to come back to themselves. 

She added that even though they didn’t like the cards they were dealing with, they were ready to play them as they were basically happy people and could still have happiness. 

Peter's sister believed their father had also passed away due to Alzheimer's disease, even though he was never diagnosed. 

So she had left $25000 to an Alzheimer's charity after her death in 2014, which was before Peter's diagnosis.

Raised funds for people suffering from Alzheimer's disease

Ruth and her husband were actively involved in raising funds for Alzheimer's patients.

She said that Alzheimer's is a horrible disease, and it affects not only Peter but all the people around him, like herself, her children, grandchildren, and their friends. 

She also said that nobody wants to have such a dreadful disease, but they have it, and they have come to terms with accepting it after nine months. 

Ruth Ann with her husband Peter Oosterhuis raising funds for Alzheimer's disease
Ruth Ann with her husband Peter Oosterhuis raising funds for Alzheimer's disease. Source: YouTube

She said that the doctor in Charlotte who was treating her husband said that Peter's name would help in raising money to help all the people with Alzheimer's disease as he has a brilliant career and people love him. 

Even though he was sick, he was elegant, amazing, and standing up to the whole situation. 

Even in their struggle, they were trying their best to help other people who were in a similar situation as them and were raising money through golf tournaments, so they asked people to attend those. 

She urged everyone to help Alzheimer's patients in any way they could. She also called the disease an epidemic with the baby boomers coming up. 

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